One of my pieces and some bud

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  1. hope u like

  2. Wow thats a fat mouth piece lol reminds me of a giant dick head. But its nice other then that. nice bud it has some sexy colors in it. Smoke weeeeeeeed

  3. the mouthpiece is pretty cool actually cause in the light it is completely see through and when u rip it, it fills up with smoke, it looks pretty cool..
    ill post some pics of the milked 'dick head' pretty soon :smoke::smoke:
  4. duude, lol that that was the exact thing i thought of when i saw it. then i read your comment and i lol'ed.

    if you ever name your piece, you should call it 'big head'.
    then you can go up to chicks and say "you want to suck on my big head?"

    nice bud! :smoke:
  5. Its not a "dick head" its a SHROOM, it looks sick, n the budz dank multi colored dankness. :wave::smoke: Diggin both! +Rep 2 u sir!
  6. haha milk tht dick head! :eek:
  7. Its a Shroom u pervs. Lol Jk.
  8. Haha looks sick man, I agree with the dick comments.

  9. yeah ive always looked at it being a shroom..
    just shows how dirty minds are these days, hahah :p

    and im not really too sure on what kind of weed it is, buts its really good, has a really good skunky smell to it and a sweetish taste to it..

    thx for the rep!:smoke:
  10. Haha ya, I h8ed when people said my spoons look like a dudes package n stuff, im just like the bowls a bowl the mouth piece is the mouth piece not ballz n a dick. Lol, Ya the bud looks hella dank mmm mmm. Np Bro Yw! :smoke:
  11. I like the piece. It looks a bit odd for my standards. Enjoy the bud.

  12. it hits just like that except on my pipe the smoke like sinks to the bottom of the mouth piece

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