One Of My Kushes Wont Kick Back To Veg After Sexing

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  1. so i put one of my kushes outside about 3 weeks ago, after a good week of 12/12 to show it's sex, and she was outside within 2 days of first showing her white pistils. now we had some good rain up here in the north east, almost a solid week of it, and were just getting back to sunshine now...i've never seen anything take this long to go back into veg. and im not sure what i should do. I dont want to snip them off if its going to f everything up, but i know it sure isnt august, and this particular kush and i seem to be in disagreement over that fact. any help would be greatly appreciated, i got plenty of doc's og clones, and a few chem dogs, the largest of which is a 4' wide bush, 4' deep, and 5' tall....still, it'd be a shame to waste that little kush...

  2. If it decides to go back into veg it will take some time.
  3. Reverting back to veg can take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks and seeds are unpredictable when it comes to certain genetic traits, be patient it'll happen.
    You have to remember that even a brief fluctuation in photoperiod is unnatural and never happens in nature, you just tricked your plant into thinking it was the middle of August then said haha just joking its still June!
  4. Worst case, you harvest it early. win/win imo
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    i suppose i should explain.....due to lameness in my living situation, 2 of my plants....(started as 5)  were germinated and started in a 16" tall growing space under my headboard, with 80w flourescent gro bulbs. needless to say, what was low stress training for the girls, was high stress for me....every day the damn things were right into the light....but i sexed them in there, and moved them outside just after they showed, so said kush isnt very big, and to harvest now, would be a waste. it has since kicked back into veg. thank heavens. now the rest of my girls came from a real set up, 3 doc's og clones, 2 super skunk clones,  all about a foot tall right now, and a monster cropped doc's og thats already 4' tall that i just got last night. ( apparently clones taken from a budding mother yield more??)
  6. If its receiving a veg light has no choice

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