One of my friends is giving me two aderol pills tomorrow

Discussion in 'General' started by God's Son, Sep 22, 2003.

  1. I've never popped any pills, but I always wanted to try things like vicadin because I hear they make you feel really good. He's giving me two pills of Aderol and he said I'll never be more interested in school than when I'm on Aderol. I dont remember him mentioning anything about euphoria so I'm wondering...are vicadin and aderol basically the same thing? I know one is pain reliever and one is focus medecine but does the aderol have a eiphoric effect?
  2. Yes it does, an incredible one but I doubt you and reach it with two pills I'd save them till I got two or three more. By the way tis Adderall
  3. I wouldnt want to trip out. I'll be popping two pills before school, plus its my first time, plus I only weigh 140. Two should be fine.
  4. you cant trip on adderall, trust me two wont do much for you but hey, if you wanna waste em sure.
  5. for that small of a dude 2 AD's will work out nicely... especially if they're 30mg. First time I popped AD I just had 20mg, I felt incredibly good. it's unexplainable.... feels good as hell, just eat a little something before you pop em cuz one, they decrease your appetite and two, it makes you sick to yuor stomach if its empty. Also, you won't be able to sleep tonight....... fucks up your sleeping really bad. You'll feel tired when you're coming down but you'll be too twigged out to fall asleep........ good luck though, its fun. Other fun stuff to do is lace your buds with it or rail it. :cool: :smoke:
  6. they are completly different..... vicodin is basically an opiateand aderol is speedy.... they're two completly different things....

    one is speedy and one sedates you... thats different to me....
  7. What about weed + adderol?
  8. i dunno, ive never tried adderall and weed at the same time
  9. find out the MG of the pills. i know the blues are 10, pinks are 15, and i also know about the extended release capsules. i like to take 75mg, its perfect dose for me, but most of my friends think thats an insane amount. for your first time, i would go with 50mg because it will get you nice and spun, but if you take them before school you should be able to sleep at night. i just had my last time for a while on friday. im going to try to not do it again until Xmas break. we shall see how i do.

    and yes, vicodin and adderal are two completely different drugs.. i find adderal to be extremely euphoric, and gives me that general sense of well being and everything is ok in the world.. only thing i dont like is that it feels so damn fake! of course it is... but anyways, enjoy!

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