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one of my favorite/most crazy stoned experiences

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Flared, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. a couple months back, i was with a couple of my good friends looking to get stoned. they all threw down for a gram of supremely dank bud and offered to smoke me up. we drove over by the trestle in town when my friend's sister and her boyfriend showed up. her boyfriend had a beautifully-crafted blue bubbler on him, which fascinated me to no extent. i had never seen anything like it before

    we walked up a dirt path to get to the trestle and sat down. nice setting, perfect temperature, comfortable situation. everything, in general, was going pleasantly. when the bud was taken out, the same guy who had the bubbler, patrick, told everyone that he also had a gram of fucking dank bud on him. he packed a fat bowl in his bubbler and it took a while before it reached me in rotation

    i was not entirely sure how to hold the thing. i was experienced with smoking marijuana way before then, yet i had never seen anything so awe-inspiring and unique, even though i knew what it was. it was absolute for the weed were smoking. i lit the bowl with my finger on the carb and pulled, not really feeling any smoke traveling through it. know how from small pipes and such, you can feel the smoke almost immediately nearing your mouth? i felt nothing, so i pulled even harder to get my hit

    the very next second was one of the roughest moments of my life. suddenly, a giant ball of smoke filled up my entire lung and stomach capacity in one single inhale. it was the equivalent of 10 hits at once. my body clenched in on itself. i couldn't breathe. i started to overheat and kept coughing. i knew i had to keep my cool or i would freak the fuck out, all the while i was almost throwing up because the smoke was refusing to escape my body. such a massive rip with such unpleasant, momentary side effects. no one seemed to notice how much i was coughing, which made me feel so alone with myself, and i didn't stop for literally five minutes. it kept going on and on. i had to force myself to keep exhaling the entire time

    that was it. i got so fucking high. out of 300+ times smoking weed, this was one of the highest experiences i have ever had. i thought to myself, "wow, i am so... gone". then we went to my friend's birthday barbeque to eat all of his food
  2. sounds like a typical day minus the coughing endlessly. dont get me wrong. i cough but not like that
  3. clutch with the bbq
  4. BBQ is too down
  5. Right there with you coolshades on:cool:
  6. i normally don't even cough. i got tough lungs
  7. Sounds like a regular day to me

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