One of my favorite bongs.

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    Hello grasscity :smoking::smoking:Heres one of the first bongs I bought, my friend just recently gave me the ash-catcher. The bowl was locally made. :D Keep on toking all! The bong cost me $75 and the bowl was $35

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  2. Sweet bong man! You should really clean it though.
  3. yeah dude nice piece, but a little iso and salt couldn't hurt :hello:
  4. dude.
    is sooo

    fucking badasss
  5. My favorite bong just got stolen by one of my "friends" i got it back though took some persuasion but i am hapily toking again..i couldnt live without my bong lol.
  6. Holy shit who steals a bong? Thats just out of whack..
  7. Haha agreed, I havnt cleaned it in about a month.. which im not too proud of, lol. But thanks, Ill post some others up soon. :)

    haha true that, Ive never used salt before.. only hot water and Iso, but ill try that later, thanks. I think it would help clean it entirely for sure. :bongin::bongin:
  8. WHATT!!

    Exactly.. Be careful who your friends are bro. :)
  9. oh the bullshit of it is that he broke my bedroom window to get at it....he also took my grinder mp3 player and the weei had on my stand...i was so pissed but i took my "pursusive piece" up in his shit and got all my shit back.:hello:
  10. revvennngggeee
  11. oh and it was sweet to his g/f had no idea what he had done and when i showed up and flipped out she was histarically crying and calling him...she actually broke up with him..and we work for the same contractor and i have seniority over him so when our boss found out what he had done he fired him.....he got owned wit kharma big time he deserves it to lol.
  12. haha fuck yea, Karma does exist. :smoking:
  13. good to hear justice was dealt. The only thing that coulve made it sweeter is if he had to do alittle time for it. But i doubt anyone reports a bong, grinder and weed stolen to the cops. lol
    How did you figure it was him?
  14. Dude I love the colors on that inline, they are crazy brotha.
  15. haha thanks man, they are pretty cool for sure. I was happy as hell when my buddy gave it to me, I was glad he didnt leave it at his friends house... because his friend was simply gonna throw it away. :cool:

  16. Human sympathy and a sense of justice in people exist. Where the hell do you get the idea that karma exists? LOL.

    Let's just casually slide some superstition in there...
  17. I want double what your smoking... hahaha :smoking:
  18. i knew a kid back in the day who steals pipes. he was some low life stole kids pipes (mostly his "friends") but yeah whoever steals smoking paraphenelia is a low life.
  19. No shit! :smoking:

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