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One nug 1/4 GA pickup

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by tokenconure, Nov 16, 2014.

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    I was so confused when I saw this, I immediately was mad, but I didn't want to offend my source until I weighed it.

    What's the biggest nugs you guys have seen?

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time

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  2. It's possible. I once picked up an eighth as a straight nug, that was about 1.5x the length of my thumb
  3. I had a 6g nug like that. Looked about like 1.5g. Was the densest Ive had. Ive got a big nug now Ive got to weigh it. Im thinking 4.5-5g
  4. A solid 9 gram nug was the biggest I've bought, but I've seen one that looked a little bigger than mine but we didn't have a scale. If you look through my posts you'll find a picture of the 9 (8.9)g nug

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    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1416377661.804433.jpg

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  5. Nice bud! I just posted a ounce nug on my pick up thread, check it out.

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  6. Not sure about the weight of it but I remember we would cut at it with scissors like we were trimming a bush in the yard. Cheers

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-
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    This was a half O..
    They were all around 4-5 gs. 
    It's awesome to have nugs like these for pictures, but the dealers only leave them for the stem weight.
    I would rather of had all the popcorn nugs stripped off the stem, with another couple nugs added because of the removed stem weight. I don't really care about big nugs too much. Every bigger buy, or basement grow comes with big buds. But it is awesome to pick up a bag like that when you're only planning to get a half. Big nugs have a certain draw to them still, even with a log size stem inside. Big ones are special, but any nug is a beautiful thing. MJ is just a beautiful plant to begin with really.
  8. As impressive as huge nugs are. My favorite is usually the smaller popcorn nugs. Often times dispensaries will put the small nugs of top shelf on sale when most of it is gone. Nice thing is the nugs at the bottom of the jar, especially really sticky strains positively collects all the kief from the stuff on top. So you're getting top shelf with extra kief by buying the popcorn nugs. Some dispensaries will even throw in a small scoop of the kief and shake for free too since it'll go in the shake jar anyways.
  9. Ironically for my area mids seems to be the bigger buds, all my high grade nugs seem to be small basement grows or something of the sort:
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1425677763.215348.jpg
    3 strain examples of high grade:
    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1425677812.846723.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1425677832.751295.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1425677847.597362.jpg ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1425677861.212111.jpg

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-
    Or the high grade growers just choose to take out all the stems they can. I know that's what my guy wants me to do when I clip for him.
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    Fellow Georgia toker  here
    My guy gets his shit vacuumed sealed from California, so usually the buds will  usually be pretty dense, and sometimes 'uber dense' hehe. I have no idea why sometimes it more dense then others, but it is what it is lol. One time there was a nug between the size of a dime and nickle that weighed a gram. Another time I got a 1/8 that filled up only a 1/3 of a standerd pill bottle. Other times I can't get much more than a gram inside. 
    I wish I could count this as 1 big nug:
    Don't worry, that's not the bud that comes from cali. 
  12. Makes sense, I prefer my buds like this. Cheers!

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-
  13. plus 'mid' has almost always been grown outdoors, which results in bigger buds 
    Someone correct me if I'm wrong
  14. I would think someone could produce bigger denser buds in a controlled environment. Cheers

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-
  15. True, but lights are no match for the sun
  16. Not to sure, clouds/rain won't stop a light in a controlled environment, just my 2 cents. I'm no grower tho so idk cheers

    -Appreciate what you got cause one day it can all be gone-

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