One Month And 2 Week Old Plants Looking Underdeveloped.

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by Broodnath, May 24, 2013.

  1. So I started my seedlings from germination on April 9 and so far half of them have died. The ones that have made it through however are doing well, look healthy and tall, but the leaves to me look underdeveloped. Sorry I don't have pics but I'll give you as descriptive an image as possible. When I googled the image of a month old plant they have large leaves, several sets of large leaves and several nodes where branches pop out. Currently only 2 of my plants have 2 sets of branches. The leaves look small compared to these. There are several sets of leaves appearing, but I question whether they are where they should be at this stage. Here's what I'm doing. My grow is entirely outdoor in a small tent that uses that windowscreen material throughout. 1.5 gallon pots (soon to be transfered into the ground) 40% peat moss 40% organic soil 15 % wormcastings. Watering a half of a water bottle every 2-3 days. I recently discovered I may be doing a little of overwatering...How often should I water and how much at this point? Are my plants doing ok?
  2. I hope you killed some bagseeds and not high quality seeds. I wouldnt worry too much, strains grow different.
    It could be enviroment stress, lack or light, or ventelation issue.

    Try and get some pic posted!

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