one main cola plant

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sinscalyx, May 9, 2013.

  1. Not sure how or why this happens,but its weird. It is one foot tall and is only developing a main cola at 3 weeks flower.
  2. Maybe it's just the strain?
  3. definitely genetic imo
  4. are you using cfls? if so, are they very far from the plant? i had this when i had my first plant and it stretched 1 meter long, only after i putted the light 3 inch's from the plant he stopped stretching and started growing branches and leaves.
  5. Yes to cfls,8 of them. But the plant is not stretching,she is just a foot tall and buds getting bigger. It must be strain,cause my other plant under same light is bushy with lots of bud sites.
  6. bushyness varies greatly from plant to plant, even in the same strain. some plant have the side branches grow as high as the main, others don't grow much at all. I prefer tall thin plants like yours, great for SOG systems
  7. Yeah,would have been nice to keep a male around to pollinate her to get more like her,but oh well. Great for space too I must say. She's already showing trichomes as well. I'm hoping she starts feeling out like crazy soon. It would be nice to have atleast half an O from her and maybe more,but I'm nervous cause of the single cola thing.
  8. My first grow was one plant outdoors it only developed one main cola but I also really put nothing into it so in my case it was probably neglect that caused such little growth

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