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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by apathy951, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. So me an my friend decide to grow and did the whole germinating showed root tip real early so we through that in a pot of normal potting soil outside...Bad news is we went to tahoe for like a week of snowboarding and all the ones that were still germinating got dried out..:( We also thought that the one in the pot dried out but we checked it earlier and saw our baby poking through and she/he hasnt been watered for like a week so were pretty happy but there is some yellow tinting on the leaves prolly from no water.

    So were praying that it turns out to be a female.
  2. i thought it was determined as male/female somewhere earllly in vegatative state.....cause like the pH takes a while to effect if its male or female....right? cause i know that if its high in pH (acidity) then it turns to male.
  3. well im a noob but from what ive heard you cant tell if its male or female untill you switch it to the 12/12 lighting period. i dont think the pH determines the sex but i could be wrong tahoe huh u from washington?
  4. Stress will make a female turn male before its sexed. After sexing if its stressed its called a hermie cuz the lil lady will grow lil balls.
  5. the plants cannot switch sexes. if its female, it was a female seed. unfortunetlly, you probubly wont know till it starts budding but some very experienced growers can tell from the veg state

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