One Intense Day

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by BillyBreaths, May 21, 2006.

  1. I had this ultimate frisbee tournament at my school and we got worked in the first game. So we decided to have another one outside for fun, but it was pritty lame. So me and one of my buds went out in the baseball fields and chiefed in the dugouts. After that we go to this shakspear play that was going on at my school. It was funny as hell stoned. All these kids doin some stupid ass shit.

    After that we go to seven eleven and I bought a slurpee and couldnt get the cap to stay on and it spilt all over. It was funny as hell. Then we start walking back to my place. We got back and were just hanging out and my friend left and my parents went to bed. Later on my brother came home and was like yeah we're gona smoke some bowls and drink some wiskey in the backyard. So I head back there and they got a fire going and we smoke and stuff.

    Then my mom yells out and asks if i was back there. So I go to talk to her and shes said that someone called me. Then she asks why my eyes are so red. I just said that the smoke from the fire was blowing in my eyes. She tell me to go take out my contacts. I wasnt wearing any though so i just went upstairs to the bathroom and threw some visine in. Then she comes in and starts talking and im trippin out. Then she asks to smell my breath. So i let her smell it and she says it smells like a cigaret. Now i only chiefed out there and ive never smoked a cigaret. But when she said that I was just like thank you god. So alls i got was a long boring talk. Major buzz killer too.

    O and i forgot to mention about that my mom told me to take out the garbage so i started bring the cans to the curb. Then my mom comes out and is like what are you doing. You have to take out the garbage in the kitchen garbage day isnt till monday. I was just like awww..
  2. Lucky she didn't catch on but the garbage thing...omg thats hilarious. I love it when I'm stoned at home and my mom tells me to do something and I totally screw it up cuz I'm baked, its always funny.
  3. real lucky she didnt catch you. I like frisbee golf more than ultimate frisbee, especially if i am stoned, i do not want to be running around.

    sounds like you have trouble doing things stoned :smoke: haha
  4. Whew, looks like you got lucky... :hello:

    I remember I was ripped in History before and we were doing this big assignment and I was zoned out and ended up handing in some notes, she tells me a few minutes later and all my friends crack up because they new I was baked, good times....
  5. doesn't it suck when you're mom's supposed to be sleeping but instead she's up and fucking talking to you while you're baked. it's like "holy shit, SHUT UP! i wanna go enjoy my high!!!" but of course you can't say that.
  6. Oh wow... this story just made me realize that:

    1) I want some weed.

    2) I rolled my entire stash into a big blunt yesterday and smoked it all.

    3) I should of saved some for today because I'm broke till my next pay check.

    4) This kind of blows.
  7. You call that an intense day? Frisbee, a play, 7/11 then a bon fire while smoking in between?

    Try working from 11 pm till 9 pm pushing probably 20,000 metal carts on a hot ass day with no bud to smoke.
  8. Whenever I hear frisbee I think of my friend getting his teeth knocked out from a frisbee throw haha.
    Haha also with the red eye shit, Id use some excuse having to do with contacts all the time, damn my perfect vision!
  9. That's not intense, thats just fucking wrong.
  10. i was a cart collector for a year at biggs.......goddamn i hated that job more than anything

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