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One hitters and head shops

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by ledztompbobm18, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. Now ive only ever been to one head shop once which was Artifax. I am going to key west today and im going to try and get one hitter but i dont know what to call it since your supposed to refer to bowls as pipes. So what i call a one hitter?
  2. a one hitter
  3. a chillum.... =O or one hitter, either will work
  4. Also a dugout...and/or a bat.
  5. Wow thanks for the fast replies i was just trying to make sure that calling a one hitter wouldnt get them mad.
  6. Just tell them you are looking for a Dugout.
  7. Wow i sounded like a complete moron in my my first post lol
  8. a dugout is different than a chillum or strait pipe.
    a chillum/ strait pipe is made usually of glass and can be hit a few times before reloading.
    a dugout is a little wooden box with a fake cig in it to smoke the weed out of but needs to be relaoded after most hits
  9. it depends on how chilled the guy whos helping you and if theyve had any trouble with the DEA lately dont call it a one hitter or chillum DEA says it refers 2 drug use ask to see their bats or glass bats ive been working at a smoke shop for a good while so thats your safest bet
  10. dugout/bat system
  11. if you are trying to follow the head shop rules you should ask for a TOBACCO TASTER.
  12. whenever im at a shop, i dontrefer to anything by name.....i just say...

    "i want that one plz"

  13. lol.
    some may think this is stupid but i refuse to buy anything from any shop that doesn't let me say the word bong.

  14. ignorance... -rep
  15. DO NOT call it a chillum. Say One-hitter or "tobacco taster" or glass-back.

  16. lol dude he was probably joking, take a rest dawg lighten up

  17. fellow stoners should have balls. if i cant call it a bong, i dont want it.
  18. Thanks for the replies everyone but i only ended up going in to one place that sold anything smoking related but they didnt have any one hitters. I think im going to just get one offline, maybe gc.
  19. that's just stupid, call it whatever you want as long as you're not making yourself a liability who could possibly get the owners livelihood taken away
  20. #20 pocket biscuits, Feb 15, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 15, 2009
    maybe. but i still don't want it if i'm gonna get kicked out unless I jump through society's hoops by calling it a waterpipe. it's a bong, let me call it a bong. cops know what it's for either way.

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