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One hitter question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by LRG88, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. So I recently bought a digger one hitter from their store. As well as the dugout. The new one is awesome! It has like serrated edge which packs the weed in the one hitter. My question is almost every single time I take a hit parts of weed get into my mouth and I hate it. I love the one hitter when I can manage to not get weed I'm my mouth. What's my problem? Am I hitting it to hard?
  2. Try to hit it lighter and dont have the bud broken down too fine
  3. The serrated edge on the tip of the one hitter grinds and breaks up the nuggs
  4. Maybe try cutting a screen down small enough to fit in there, or just use gravity and tilt the piece down when you are hitting it, and you won't need to suck very hard with a one hitter.
  5. Since you just got it it's probably still pretty clean. Should help once you build some resin in the tube.
  6. yeah, i hate when my hitter is too clean, you get a mouthful of suck at the end if you hit it too hard.
  7. Suck slow, it's new so once you smoke out of it alot this wont happen. Maybe you can buy a screaan and cut it to the mouthpiece?
  8. I wouldn't use a screen bro. Just build some resin and you will be good
  9. One hitters aren't meant to have screens. What I would do is break up the bud into chunks, not powder. (If the Digger grinds it, maybe keep it in nug form) Or just use a plug nug and put ground weed over it. Also, suck slower, that helps too.
  10. Ugh, I hate having my ash for dinner.

    Just don't grind it up, break it up with your hands to kind of big nugs for now until you get it coated in resin. Don't suck too hard.

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