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One gram rip off?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HighOnIt, May 16, 2010.

  1. This sounds like areally begginer question. I don't think of myself as as "I don't know shit about weed" person but I don't think I'm " I know everything about weed" person either

    so I know an ounce has 28 grams
    how many grams does a dime bag have?
    Someone once told me you could get at least 8 to 9 dime bags out of an ounce
    that would mean a dime bag is about 3 to 3.5 grams

    Well the reason I want to know how many grams a dime bag is is because I ws talking to my dealer one day. I told him I wanted to buy some dro and he said it was going to be 10 dollars a gram I asked him how much a gram was and he said it was less than a Nick and then he told me there was 3 grams Ina Nick but I dnt think that's right so at the end he told me he was going to sell me two grams for 15 and what he gave me was such a lil amount I thought he was ripping me off well I think he did. Well wat I think now is that he gave me like .5 for wat I tought was 2 grams

    Can any one tell me how much is a gram of weed?

  2. A gram is a measurement of weight.

    One gram should get you roughly two, maybe three bowls depending on how large your bowl is.

    A 'nick' (i assume you mean $5 'nickle')... has .5g, a dime is 1g.

    An eigth is 3.5g.

    Get yourself a digital scale.
  3. a scale can tell you exactly how much it is. should invest in one if you don't want to get ripped off. just buy a cheap one that actually works and your set.
    You can't really eyeball stuff, it can be fluffy or way dense. a G nug though is generally as big as your thumb. or close to it.
  4. this is a really confusing story... usually if its 10 a gram then the price dosnt change unless you get an 8th... which is 3.5... so it woudnt really make sense for him to sell it for 15 for 2g.. but yea a gram is just the weight of the weed... so a gram is... a gram lol
  5. 3.5 grams is an eighth , and for high quality bud that can run 40-60 usually depending on where you are at and who you know.
    A dime bag from all my experience is more saying its 10 dollars and the amount in a dime bag really depends on your dealer but is usually around a gram.
    The reason that an eighth , is called such is because it is an eighth of an ounce, i.e. 3.5 grams (3.5*8=28 although an ounce is technically 28.3). Other than that the only advice I can give you is
    A) Don't buy dime bags because then you are paying a much higher price for your bud.
    B) Get a scale or you will continually be at risk of getting ripped off.
  6. nick and dime aint units of measurment its how much u pay
    a gram to a gram and a half is a nickbag of reggie usually nick(5)
    a dimebag of reggie is usually double that and double the money dime(10)
  7. haha ur super new to smoking...uh yeah a ounce has 28 grams...usely a dime is about 1-2 grams (tops) depending on the dealer, and they cost 10$. so two grams for 15 is not bad. Show a pic of what you got and we can tell you how aprox. what it might varies on density of the buds or if its shake etc....
  8. #8 killermunchies, May 16, 2010
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    This isn't necessarily right. A dime, by definition, costs $10. There is no such thing as a dime that isn't $10. The words nick, dime, and dub, are all prices ($5, $10, and $20 respectively)

    As for how much a gram is, it varies and it's hard to explain accurately with just words. If you post a picture of it next to a quarter (money), we can give you a good estimate.

    I dime is often 1 gram but definitely not always. A dime might be .5 grams for good bud or over 3 grams for some bad stuff. You can't really get ripped off on a dime because it doesn't mean anything other than "a ten dollar bag of marijuana."

  9. Don't take this for gold. When it comes to smaller amounts, dubs, dimes and the rest, it can vary.

    A gram is a gram, and as this guy said, a "nick" represents 5 dollars worth, at least around here. However, it depends where your from. Here, a dime isn't one gram, it's .5, so you can see how this can be misleading.

    oh and as killermunchies said, the names represent price
  10. I'm getting annoyed by all the retards that don't know what a dimebag is.

    It's 10 fucking dollars no matter what kind of weed it is.

    If it's good weed then your gonna get less than a gram

    If it's shitty weed you might get a gram or more in a dimebag.

    A nick is the same concept but with 5 dollars
  11. Look out folks, he's getting annoyed.
  12. So a gram of reg is basically $10 right?
    I think I'm just going to buy an ounce of reggie...over here in Austin that costs $50 and before I do that I'm going to scale it

  13. That is expensive. You are contradicting yourself here. If a gram is $10, an ounce won't be $50. A dime of regs should be between 1-2 grams, depending on the dealer. If you are paying $10 for a gram, it should at least be half decent. That being said, you will never get a particularly good deal on a dime bag. Unless you plan on only smoking 3 more times in your life, buy in larger amounts. It will save you a lot of money.
  14. a dime is not a measurement of weight


  15. Around here (Florida) well at least where I'm from. A:
    1.) dime bag is 1.7 grams. - $10
    2.) dub bag is 3.5 grams. - $20
    3.) quarter bag is 7 grams. - $30-40
    4.) half ounce is 14 grams. - $50-60
    5.) Ounce bag is 28 grams. - $100-120
    (This is just where I live) :p
  16. Yea what everyone else says. I usually buy by the gram (I don't use the terms dime, nick,etc). Just get a scale and you'll be fine.
  17. I'll never understand why questions like this keep coming up, but it's funny as shit.

    Next time I go to the gas station and ask for $10 of Premium, I'll be sure to hassle them about exactly how much gas I'm getting... and maybe how many miles it'll take me while I'm at it.

    A "Dime" is ten bucks worth. Period.
  18. I believe it goes:
    1/8-anywhere from like 30-$60
    and so on and so forth in said pattern :D

  19. that's why I was askin but Over here in Austin an ounce is $50 so yeah idk how the fuck that works but yeah. And I understand now that a dime and a Nick is just a value not measurements. And I will get a scale

    And all of those who these questions are annoying well just plainly don't post anything or don't even open the thread it is posted onthe apprentice timers forum so yeah
  20. yeah you need to get yourself a scale. The thing is new smokers that havent been around weed for along time wont be able to eyeball amounts that they are buying, and some dealers will take advantage of that and try to rip you off.

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