One good cop.

Discussion in 'General' started by Nukes1337, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. [ame=]One Good Cop - YouTube[/ame]

    5:55 How all cops should conduct themselves.
  2. 5.55 I wish I had that officers address so i could just send him a gift basket haha.
  3. Sad only one out of an entire trip across the country. :(
  4. Once his superior sees this video, that cops getting fired. He wasn't fully douchebag enough for a pig.
  5. Wow that cops seems mad chill. didn't have a stick up his ass...talked to them as if they were on the same level as him.
  6. Its really sad that we dont have more cops like that..

  7. "dammit johnson! the chiefs gonna have my ass for this! hand over your gun and badge. we dont need nice guys like you on the force."

    true story yo
  8. The cop at 4:00 was bad ass I was waiting for this the whole time [ame=]Wont Get Fooled Again - Best Scream - YouTube[/ame]
  9. haha damn he chill as fuck cuh
  10. I smoked pot with that cop
  11. aw that gives me hope for the next time i have a run in with a cop.. oh nevermind i'm in a small conservative town with douche cops
  12. that cop is my new perfect hero
  13. Very refreshing to see a nice cop. I have seen a few of them but far between. I think I might move to Illinois.
  14. 4:42 is the best moment of the whole video.

    Are we breaking the law by having the camera on you?

    Cop blatently lies and says yup.

    Then all 3 guys say "what law" at the same time lol
  15. I like that cop...I like these cops too


    The truth is that the majority of police officers are all Army washouts and wannabees who wish they were in Iraq right now. The tactics are the same.
  16. Damn.... I thought the cop was gonna pepper spray them in the eye and run.
  17. I'm going to say this how do we know that the guy didn't interview 100+ cops and pick out the bad ones for this video I mean you must see a lot of cops walking that far

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