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    This was by far the craziest night of my life. It all started tuesday afternoon.

    My friend K was throwing a party at his place so I secured some bud for the night. We set up a pong table and got all the beer and some liquor. Eventually people start showing up and start drinking. Everythings good.

    Unfortunately, around 12:30 the cops show up, and the whole house smelled like weed so they just decided to walk right in and look around. Luckily, we got the drop on the cops before they knocked on the door, so my buddy T and I were able to stash all our weed in the ceiling of K's basement. I also managed to hide my newly acquired $135 bong in K's closet upstairs in his room.

    Eventually the boys make their way to the basement only to see about 75 beer cans scattered around everywhere. This is when it got crazy.

    This very drunk girl named J was doing the whole 'rebel against authority' thing and started mouthing off to a cop. Somebody must've farted in this cops dinner, because before I even knew what was going on she was on the ground in cuffs while the other cops are telling everyone to stand up to be searched. I kept my mouth shut through all of this but I was prayin for my bong that wasnt even 5 days old.

    Well no one has any weed on them so the cops start asking where the weed is. Of course no one says anything so they decide to call K9 in. As this is happening, J was sitting in the corner and slipped through her cuffs. The cops noticed her standing up and she begins screaming drunken nonsense at the cops. They tell her to stop, she doesn't, and she gets fucking tazed!! Im just sitting there in fucking shock as they take her ass upstairs. (I found out later they took her directly to the sherrifs office for resisting arrest) So as they call K9 in they begin taking our ID's to run them for any outstanding warrants or whatever, but my boy C was clearly nervous since he gave him his fake. By some fucking miracle it checked out and he gets it back. After we dumped the alcohol they sent us on our way before the dogs came in. K got arrested for having a bag of stems in his pocket.

    We walk over to T's house who lives a quarter mile down the road and we wait for the cops to leave so we can go back in and hopefully get all our shit so K doesnt get into any more trouble than he already was. T and I sneak back in about an hour after we left only to discover the damn dogs didnt find any of our weed! I grab the weed and head upstairs to find my bong right where I left it. We high tail it outta there only to find out today that the cops went back to K"s not even 30 minutes after we left K's!

    In the end K got charged for parephenalia for his bowl while the girl J got possession as well as resisting arrest. It couldve been a lot worse for a lot of people but with some relatively quick thinking and lots of luck I walked outta there with my weed and my bong.
  2. Damn sounds like a crazy night! Good thing things worked out for you in the end. Thats stupid to get arrested for having stems. Why did the cops get called though?
  3. i wouldnt doubt a noise complaint by a neighbor or some other bullshit by a neighbor...did they indeed just walk in? or did they knock?
  4. I told K not to answer the door since they knocked but he was too drunk and just opened the door anyway
  5. You guys fail. You don't have to let the cops in even if they smell weed. They have to have a warrant.
  6. good god. im glad i live in california

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