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One Foot Blunt

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tomdanks420, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. I don't mean to gloat, or have a "cool story bro" moment, but I feel like this is worthy of sharing. Hopefully you agree :)
    Weighed in right around 6 grams, rolled by putting two grape Game wraps together. It required two people to roll it, for the sake of having three hands. It burnt for about 45 minutes between 6 people, and we kept bong in constant rotation too. I thought it was pretty legendary. :smoke:

    Pictures scaled against a lighter, a ruler, and hands (respectively)
    Also included a nug pic, in case you were wondering about the quality.

    Attached Files:

  2. A 45 minute burn. Thats sick.
  3. That is awesome haha, +Rep for having patience enough to do that.
  4. Seriously. Fucking awesome..

    I would feel so proud of myself if I rolled that
  5. Very nice mate.
  6. Man i wish i could have smoked that with ya. Reminds me of the time i when i rolled my huge Cheech and Chong papers out of one of their albums.
  7. That's fucking sick. Normally I'm against "party" joints/blunts because one it's smoked you have nothing left... but this... 45 minute burn, wow
  8. I honestly recommend it to any group of friends that have an excessive of pot kicking around (...not that that usually happens?)
    It was an experience unlike anything I have ever done before. Definitely worth it.
  9. Did you smoke it down to the roach?
  10. Yep, right down to the roach. Still have it sitting somewhere, actually...:hello:
  11. Your my god... Just sayin,

    I did this with tobacco once, don't try it

  12. Why on earth would you unroll two cigars, roll them together and refill them with tobacco? Just smoke the two cigars...
  13. Yeah hehe, i made a huge rollie out of king papers and felt really sick by the end of it. Thought i'd given myself heart problems or some crap.
  14. I did it with r.y.o and papers and a wrap sorry
  15. looks like 12" of to much tobacco... :p

    what ever floats your boat.. + rep for creativity..
  16. Sometimes I can't even finish a full cig these days makes me fell like crap
  17. Very Nice (Borat):hello:
  18. That thing was beautiful good thing you took pics.

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