"One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest" Blu-Ray

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    I've always wanted this on Blu-Ray as it is not only a classic, but one of Jack Nicholsons finest performance. If any of you don't know of this movie, it won 5 Acadamy awards in 1975 and is possibly the best Asylum movie to date. It was controversial in that it acurately portrayed our antiquated mental health system. It's absoulutely brutal ending leaves a stain. It's beautifully remastered and is worth another look....:wave:
  2. Rented this Blu-Ray on Netflix - astounding film quality, and a great movie to boot!

    You seen Cool Hand Luke? Similar story, and also a classic Blu-Ray, a must-buy!
  3. Yeah man I watched it for the first time a few months ago and damn it was a good movie. Sad ending :(
  4. I never understood why the Cheif didn't just wait a few days until the effects of the electric shock therapy might have worn off :confused:

    Also this was danny devitos first roll (Martini) :D

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