Once the seed cracks?

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  1. And you put the seed into a rockwool cube and wait for a sprout, do you have to wet down the rockwool after you put the seed in there?
  2. I got this one guys!!

    Hey man, I just germinated my first seed in some rockwool.

    What I did was just got some tap water, and then I adjusted the ph to about 5.5.

    This step would have been unnecessary for me had I just dropped the rockwool cube in, since the rockwool automatically lowered my ph value anyway.

    You should soak your rockwool cubes for 24 hours, then place your seeds in.

    If you've already put your seed in, what I would do is fill a cup with about a 1/4" of water (given it's a 1"x1"x1" cube) and put the cube in it, and see how much of the water it wicks up.

    I have heard that people like to keep their rockwool on the dry side for root development, but you need a little bit of moisture.

    Good luck.
  3. good job thanedog you got your first seed to sprout and you already passed the knowledge on :hello:

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