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Once I was so high that....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Dankz0rs, May 25, 2010.

  1. Me first!

    I was so high that I relit the wrong end of the blunt.. Lol
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  2. I thought the cat was talking to me and saw it nod at me to smell her food.
  3. I hopped in a taxi and forgot where I was going.
  4. I thought my friends car was singing us a song, but it turned out the E-brake was still on.
  5. I was once so high, that when me and my friends walked in a circle in the snow, i couldn't walk in my own footprints.
  6. i thought the noise of my parents walking inside and calling my name was the radio that wasn't on..
  7. road a cheetah through the wilderness with an oz. of weed strapped to me.
  8. i coulnt get a single keystroke on guitar hero
  9. Made friends with the dude who works at Subway and found out he grew DANK atlanta shit:D
  10. I tried running up my stairs and fell backwards spraining my wrist.
  11. I ordered food at burger king and went to get my drink with my tray instead of my cup... the employees laughed at us:eek:
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  12. I thought I was with riding around with people I had known for years, yet I had actually just met them.
  13. I forgot how to speak... and read lips. My friends were all laughing at me and my mom was was trying to figure out what was up. It was hilarious!
  14. Last night I was so baked I reloaded my bong with the ashtray.
  15. Me and two girls ran in the middle of Sonic and three way made out with everyone watching
  16. The rice I was about to eat said "your mom", and so I ate the rice viciously in anger.
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  17. one time i got so high that i thought the weed we smoked was laced with x or something and that i would die from dehydration. not having access to water, i got out of my friend's car and started eating the snow, telling him to do the same.
  18. i fell UP the stairs

  19. Ahahahaha. "Do it man, or we're as good as DEAD!"

    Let's see...

    - I was at a very informal buffet (Ponderosa) and was waiting behind a woman while she was getting some chicken. She informed me that I could go around her. Without saying a word, I turned and quickly walked back to my booth. I just didn't know what to do.

    - Some friends knocked on my door and I crept over to answer it. I opened the door very, very slowly, and after it was about 1/4 of the way open I slammed it and hid in the bathroom. They let themselves in and started calling my name, so I nonchalantly walked out of the bathroom and said, "Oh hey guys, whats up?"

    - I was helping my friend and her dad un-stuck her car from the snow. In the parking lot, I saw something hanging from the powerline, slowly rotating back and forth. I kept insisting that it was a camera. Her dad gave me a funny look and said, "That's a shoe."

    This all took place a few years back, when I was a fairly new smoker and didn't know how to handle myself. I'm sure there are more, crazier stories, but I just can't remember them.
  20. I accidentally lit my bangs on fire while lighting a bowl, then forgot I was holding a pipe and accidentally dumped all the weed out.

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