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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by killer, Aug 21, 2003.

  1. is there any place on the web where i can but a grow room, a grow room that is good for growing weed?
  2. why not just build one yourself? its way cheaper than anything you could find.
  3. id say build 1 aswell but if u dont feel up to that then there r places to buy the whole deal in 1 go.

    where do u live? i'l sort out some links if i know wot country ur in, no gud posting uk links if ur in austraila is it!
  4. i live in the US, Florida
  5. if you pay for supplies and shipping i'll make ya one and send it down;)
  6. i want to see it before i buy it and i want to be able to grow from start to finish in (at least 2 to 3 plants)

    u got AIM?
  7. How to build a grow box

    1) build a box out of plywood with a door in the front
    2) Put fans at the top blowing out
    3) put light at top on a timer (150 w HPS homedepot)
    4) put plants at bottom and water

  8. you dont even need a wooden box, use a cardboard one of the proper size.

    cmon man, what kinda tools do you have? if you can drive, you can go to a hardware store and buy your plywood and have THEM cut it for you, and then just take the peices home GLUE it together, mount the hps in the ceiling and wire all the same color wires fro the extension cord to the light, and hook 2 comp fans up to a 9v or 12 v adapter and plug them in, and plug the hps into a timer. they dont get much easier than that.
  9. any schematics anywhere ?..

    I mean

    hi, I'm personaly planning to build mine; any schematics anywhere ?

    as said earlyier i see it is prety straight forward: from bottom to top water, plants, light, fan; but there could be some MUST NOT that i may run into..
  10. PM me some info and well discuss:)

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