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On the Trail of Marihuana - The Weed of Madness!

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by woodsmarcel, Sep 17, 2007.

  1. Browsing around the net I found this book that was published in 1939, trying to prove to the American public how dangerous and deadly "Marihuana" is. Someone took the entire book and scanned it on the net and transcribed it into text. Absolutely hilarious stuff....check it out.

    LOL these has to be this best "devil weed" quotes I've EVER read...


  2. Haha holy shit. Snakes and prehistoric monsters and squirrels oh my!
  3. Lol that propaganda, circa 1930s, is really funny sometimes. Just look here.
  4. I need to get that guy's weed.
  5. and thanks to this lovely 1930s propaganda, innocent people are imprisoned, and lives are ruined. Rot in hell, Rowell bros.
  6. LOL I agree! Kinda like the weed from Grandma's Boy. :smoking:

  7. wow...thats some dumb shit. just shows you you cant believe what you read. even today we read lies everyday in the newspaper and we wont notice how stupid we sound until we look back at it 50 years later.
  8. Heres some good ones

  9. Man. This one time I smoked a bowl, right?

    I was walking down the street and these prehistoric monsters jumped out of keyholes at me. I was like, Oh shit. At that point I went to the closest person beside them and I committed brutal acts of rape and murder.

    just another day :rolleyes:
  10. LOL i like that one. Nice find!
  11. Man, this shit is hilarious when you're reading it on the moon :D
  12. At least they were right about number 6 on the post above

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