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On the farm

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Oct 28, 2003.

  1. I had a new calf born day before yesterday.. A little black angus heffer.. Life is good some days..

    Anyone else have farm animals??
  2. my grandparents live on a farm in Indiana, but they don't have farm animals anymore. They used to raise pigs. Now, they just grow corn, wheat and soy beans.
  3. I've got 80acres of land, got some cows, horses and border collies. I love animals and the farm life.
  4. ive got 8 horses, bunch o cows, bunch of chickens, and some goats!!

  5. well, my grandparents used to have a farm. i had a horse, trixie and a goat lol cricket and some chicks, i picked one out but i can't remember the name. hmmm oh yeah a pig but i didn't pick one to call my own lol. their were lots of fav was trixie and cricket.
  6. I'm used to my neighbors' animals on my property. We have no fences around here. Even a short trip to the city will greet you with sights of farm animals. But those critters in the city are a real pain in the ass to keep compared to the animals on the outskirts of town!

    But like I always say...
  7. and sheep, i've seen sheep born. at the time i was young and kinda grossed out by it, but really is amazing!
  8. I don't live on a farm myself, but have a few friends who do. Ironically, I have a teacher at school who just had a calf born on his farm. We always suspected he smoked, too. You a school teacher, by any chance?
  9. My moms alway had 5 or 6 horses at my house every since I was a kid, its like a suburban farm. Ducks, chickens, dogs, and cats are always around too. I love getting baked when now one is home and going out into the barn. Very relaxing

  10. BUSTED!
  11. my mom used to have a few chickens... then we moved... we still have our 3 hounds htough... they're like lil bears and eat just as much, if not more....:D

  12. Not a school teacher...

    I have a second calf born today.. Looking for a third some time in a couple of weeks..
  13. i had so much fun just now reading through this thread. sweet.

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