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On Sensitivity, Hangovers And What Kind Of Bud To Smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by skipjaemz, Jun 6, 2013.

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    I'm 30 and smoke once a year or so. Every time I do, though, I love it. The only problem is I get very strong hangovers which I want to ask you about. Last week I had one such event. I took 3 hits at midnight, went to sleep at 7am, not as high as when I toked. I woke up and was lost in a haze for the next four days. It was hard to organize thoughts, and the clarity of thinking which I associate with my most sober states was gone, no matter how much coffee or jogging, until monday morning. I am writing to ask for thoughts, inputs and similar experiences. My main concern is the quality of shit I get here, even though the weed I smoked wasn't that bad. It is very hard to get sativas or any top notch bud where I live, but do you think that, clearly being more sensitive to cannabis than the average toker, that would make such a difference? I wonder if the purer hydroponic stuff wouldn't only make it worse since it is stronger. Also, this question goes for those of you out there who smoke the incredible bud I can only see on my computer screen: do you think a small hit off a good sativa strain, with less CBD levels than regular indica, could work better and leave me less braindead the next day?  
    Thanks a lot, 
    P.s. Please spare me the basic newbie advice. I have a lot of respect for this plant, have used it on and off since I was 12, and am trying to positively fit it in my life. 

  2. you just have no tolerance. dont smoke as much.
  3. Are you sure its not laced with something? If your positive its not its because you're smoking to much and your tolerance is really low, try taking a really small hit and see how you feel in a few minutes, and just smoke more often!
  4. its not laced.

    this guy doesnt smoke once a year and the one time he does its laced.
  5. I dont know hah happened to my friend, it depends the area you live in and the dealers there.
    Its definitely not laced. But I am wondering if its just poor in quality. Im in South America and the pot you get here is always compressed and goes through the hands of serious drug dealers. Im just wondering if pure, home cultivated stuff could work better... 
  7. if its poor in quality I doubt youd feel the effects four days after.

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