On My Way To Work Today, And I See This On A Church Sign...

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  1. I have to admit, I'm almost tempted to go listen to the sermon. Sounds very interesting.


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  2. More Romans 13 garbage?
  3. I'm kinda thinking it might be something Ron Paul-esque in nature. But maybe it is just wishful thinking? I started looking for info, and it turns out he grew up in a Lutheran Church, but currently is southern Baptist. I don't know much about the Presbyterian Church though, not sure if they would have a message like his or not.
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    If this is the Presbyterian church in Mason, MI, I saw online that they have pod-casts of the sermons, but not immediately - they take a few weeks to show up. 
  5. Haha....I saw one here in Florida on a Baptist church's sign that said, "Try to be the person your dog thinks you are"....I still laugh when I think about it....
  6. i would not be a church goer myself but on Sunday the local priest announced from the altar that anyone who agrees with the current legislation being put through parliament here (Ireland- abortion if the mothers health is at risk) should consider themselves excommunicated and going to hell.
    These are the same RC priests who have no problem with their colleagues raping young kids and in fact have been instructed to report said carry on to their bishops before the police are contacted. 
    Why oh why are people so stupid as to listen to a gang of bachelors who dress in frocks ?
  7. In what area was this?
  8. Chrisitians and the state of insanity

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