On Day 4

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Scorpius, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. I see a little root sticking out about the size of a thumb nail. It's clear lol. So from now on what do I feed it and how much light?... I gave it water yesterday. Aren't I suppose to give it light 24/7 then as it gets bigger lessin' the amount of light so the buds can grow?
  2. HIGH All, could you explain better? " little root sticking out about the size of a thumb nail"...don't feed them till next month at least..say the 7th of April. No you don't Have to give them 24/7...most growers I know never use 24/7 Always 18/6...it depends on you..if you want grow for it...I just like to think everything needs some dark time.

    You won't be thinking Budding yet..you have at least a month in veg if not more. So let's just get though the seedling stage first ok.
  3. Yeah I know it's like a think little strip just curling like a upside down U =[ help? is something wrong? Should it go into a bigger pot?
  4. pictures dont work for me mate
  5. Yeah I don't got pics I threw that seed out I think it was bad. The root it first was, thick and after that it was thin I guess seaching for light so I got a new one and light is 3" away from the pot!
  6. Update!

    I figured out I should put saran wrap on top of the pot until it sprouts. And no light until it sprouts and I figure no water? o.o Post if I'm doing something wrong?

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