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  1. hi every1 did u guyz ever here of the lowryder if u did u know that what it is suppopsed 2 do is amazing but i would like to no if ne1 has growed them yet and if so r they good plants to grow thx alot 4 ur help

    P.S. how much american $ is $375 canadian dollars thx alot bye
  2. Here's 125 pages of nothing but people freaking about lowryder. Bookmark them, there's no way that your questions aren't answered in one of these threads.



    If you want a little advice man listen up. Lowryder may be cool, I mean if it wasn't for lowryder I probally wouldn't of ever really thought about growing. I just liked to read the boards and day dream and just read you know. So I guess lowryder is what made me want to hop on the wagon. But, now with more research and more time spent I've realized that lowryder is great but it's definately not "god's gift to pot". Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of lowryder, this is just my opinion so don't get pissed.


    -Quick Finish
    -Low Height/Easy to grow stealthfully (In and outdoors)
    -No need to worry about vegging or mh lamps


    -Not able to clone
    -Produces 7-11 grams

    .........Alright now to basically spell it out for you the way I see it. I may be wrong but this is what I think. I think you're a young guy that's obviously new into growing and looking for something *easy*. You probally want to grow so you can always have a nice smoke bag, and so that you can make a quick buck here and there shooting a friend or two a straight sack of some good shit. That has to be pretty close to right, right?

    Now with lowryder man that 8-9 weeks finish is the quickest it's going to happen. When seed companies say that a strain will flower in 11 weeks, that's means *under the best conditions* it will flower in 11 weeks. It's certainly not a gaurntee. Plus think about it, even if you have 4 lowryder per sqaure foot, (That's putting them in 6" pots), you're still only going to yield between an 28-44 grams per sqaure foot.

    Plus you got the seeds issue man. I mean what are you going to do sell your friends "broken down" bud with the seeds removed. I don't think so. "Broken down" bud where I come from is what you buy from a 16 year old on the corner in crack down. Not what I would pay k.b. prices for.

    Plus once you figure out how you're going to get the seeds you gotta worry about male and female. With clones you know exactly what you're going to get before you get into it. As long as the clone doesn't go hermie, life is great.

    So now check this out. Go to drchronics-seeds.co.uk (that may not be exactly right) and check out Nirvana seeds. They have a strain called top 44 and it finishes flowering in (you guessed it) 44 days. That's a little over 6 weeks. I've heard of people (that bob beard dude) flowering as early as 20 days. Which is a little less than 3 weeks. So there's you're 9 weeks right there dude. Probally a little bit more, because again thoose are idea conditions, but you get the idea.

    Too 44 is supposed to be a great producer. It has a medium thc level (probally more than lowryder) and will more than likely pass for "kind bud". In my area any type of hydro goes for 100 (probally more than 125) a qaurter easily, so I'm sure it'll be what I need. I can't gaurntee you anything, but you sound a lot like me. I thought exactly what you thought about lowryder, but now I'm a little more sold on a more "real" plant. I'm talking 3 feet of pot glory, not 10 inches of cute.

    Just my 2 cents and don't get pissed. :)

  3. Well, I think that the answer above was thorough enough about the strain itself. To answer your question about the currency, just take 20% off of the total. There's the price in US$.

  4. hey man i woold just like 2 say thx so much both of u and i havent red those links but im gonna rite now and ill get bac to u as soon as im done just 1 more time thx alot man i hope u guyz have a good day

    P.S. i thought that seeds arent in female plantz which r the 1s u want
  5. Seeds are in female plants. It takes a male to pollinate a female or a hermie female to pollinate another female. (A hermie is a female that throws out some male leaves which can pollinate the girls around her).

    If there is no source of pollen (all females and no hermies) then females won't produce seeds, and the spaces in the buds where seeds would be will fill with resin. Making the bud better.

    Have a good day to dude. :) It's really nice to see somebody appericative and excited about growing. This is a good place to be.
  6. hey man how much duz top 44 produce how many grams
  7. personaly i dont like top44. it dont even finish that fast, if you look at the breeder's description on the grow reports it says "T44 is one of our top commercial strains. Top 44 is our fastest flowering variety which under ideal conditions can be ready in ~6 weeks." by under ideal conditions i think they mean no chance m8. if its left for 8 to 10 weeks then its not a bad plant, still not really up to par though. get some white rhino insted.

    lowryder.... why not give it a grow as a first grow? gotta be less hassle just chuckin a few seeds in the garden than all them lamps and worrying about 12/12 etc. then while thats busy growing you can sort a grow room and stuff to do a proper grow and have a bit of something kicking around to smoke while you wait for them tric's to clould.
  8. hey guyz how can i tell if its a male or female can u b very descriptive cuz im a newbie thx man
  9. hi can u help me find the light schedule 4 the top 44 if u can help thx alot peace out evry1
  10. The light schedule is easy bro. This is true all strains of mj.

    Once the seed germinates bury it about 1/4 inch under the ground. (Preferably not touching it with your hands). Keep that under light for 18/6. (Even though some do it for 24 hours a day w/floros.)

    The seed should break through the soil and start growing towards the light. This is call vegatative growth. And it also requires 18/6. You let your babies go in veg untill you're ready to flower them.

    Alright now flowering your plant is going to make it double or triple in size. So if you want a 3 foot plant you better flower around one foot. You basically trick the plant into flowering by giving it twice as much darkness time. (12/12) Flowering is the longest stage of growing and it's when your plants show sex etc. But be very careful not to ef up the 12 hours dark, your females will turn hermies.

    Makes sense right? It's just 18 on 6 off till flowering then 12 on 12 off...... and then you'll have to worry about what you need to do before you cure your buds.
  11. thx alot man but i have another ? do i use normal household fluros 4 everything up 2 the flowering stage bc i wuz wunderin if i could simply use hps the whole time bc it will b cheper 4 me just to buy 1 hps system bc at insidesun.com i can get a 400 watt hps 4 100 bux man thats good as hell as far as i can tell
  12. Yeah man hps will cause your plant to be more stretched out during vegatative growth. -----> In other words there will be a greater spacing between the nodes (nodes are sorta where the "branches" meet the "trunk" if you want it in tree terms).

    On the other hand of that. MH will cause your buds to be nowhere near as big and no where near as dense.

    B/C of that it's my opinion that you'd be better off with just hps, if you were just going to have one light...... But if you can scrape up a little extra cash you can do what I did. I have a 600 watt hps but I bought a 600 watt mh conversion bulb. The conversion bulb is the shit, it's way cheaper than a switchable ballast and since you veg for like half the time that you flower it'll last a lot longer than my hps I bet.... So if you really wanted to use both you could buy a switchable ballast, buy a conversion buld, just just buy a hella cheap mh from e-conolight.com when you buy you're better qaulitity hps.

    Good luck. :)
  13. thx alot man dude even tho the stuff u told about the lowryder and the t44 i still cant figure out which 1 to get man i woow i just cant make my mind up probably the t44 tho
  14. No problem man. Just do your research and if you got any questions feel free to ask away. I enjoyed working with ya.
  15. same here man its been real thx alot man peace out

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