On a scale of 1 - Tupac, how much do you really speak your mind?

Discussion in 'General' started by jimboob, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. I feel like that's my biggest flaw. i dont always speak my mind when i should, and it tends to fuck me over quite a bit. I like tupac cause he's so charismatic....yea his musics not really made for a white kid in the burbs but i like how he speaks his mind and seems to be 100% behind everything he says.

    WHat bout you guys?
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    I don't have shit to hide if I offend some one i'm not remorseful .I voted Tupac.
  3. I voted a four. I really do try to speak up when I'm at work/schoo/ etc...
  4. I voted 5, because although I am more vocal than some and am definitely very opinionated, I find myself holding my tongue fairly often too.
  5. Whichever one is above Tupac.
  6. clever way of making that title... tupac is substitute for 10 because he spoke his mind the most?
  7. good job :hello:
  8. Voted 8. Its been known to get me in trouble
  9. I'm at a 3 right now, but I'm working on getting it higher. A girl at school initiated conversations with me, which never happens, so I'm gonna try and keep talking to her.
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    I like pac for that reason too, he paints a good story with every one of his songs, says what he feels even when its not the popular choice or what "society" deems normal.
    Id say personally, ima 8.5/10 ..i feel if you dont speak your mind and tell people what you really think then what are you? You're nothin...all you got is your balls and your word.
    The only time I wont speak out is if im in public with tons of people around me and im not 100 percent sure what im saying is correct.
    say whats on yo mind!
  11. I speak my mind to anyone unless doing so would not be benifical for my well being.
    Like cops being pushy, i just state my rights and be respectful even tho I want to yell at them and go on a rant; its would just make things difficult for me.
  12. So there's a lot of annoying fuckers on GC I see?:p
  13. easy Tupac.. check the location lol
  14. he obviously forgot to put me as an option.

    so i vote chronicman00
  15. tupac speaks to me at night, so ill go for tupac just cos hes my boy.
  16. I usually don't speak my mind because I have a really sick sense of humor that most people don't appreciate.

  17. yeh i like pedophile, incest and necrophillia based jokes/roleplay practical jokes too.
  18. Never, ,,,,,I think horrible things, and I don't want even express verbally, for fear they may come true
  19. Given that Tupac can't speak, I'd have to place myself somewhere off the scale.

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