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Discussion in 'Politics' started by FedSmoker, Aug 2, 2020.

  1. What has two thumbs and just registered to vote? This guy!
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  2. Sounds like good smoke:D
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  3. I've never been one to wear any politically-affiliated clothing or anything on my car so I don't have any of that to worry about, but let it be known, if anyone ever tries to cause harm to my person, property, friends, or family, they will end up in the ground with a few extra ounces of lead in their body. I'm lucky to live in the south where there is still a healthy respect for the 2nd amendment and "stand your ground" laws on the books, whereas some states aren't as lucky as we are in terms of self-defense and self-preservation.
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  4. Mind if I copy and paste that here?
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  5. In New York City, where I have lived my whole life, there are, according to some experts, as many as 800 languages spoken.

    Is that inclusive enough for you?
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  6. Depends on if anyone is listening
  7. Apologies for the flippant remark. Frustration shouldn't excuse being dismissive. You've given your perspectives and the benefit of your experience for which I should thank you. Instead I've volleyed back and forth between abstractly acerbic and impassioned idealism with too much emphasis on my own sentence structure than the content of your message. Listening on my part might be a better way to communicate, but you'll have to suffer these frantic bursts of frivolous thoughts.
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    Well I appreciate your honesty. I was in "the streets", with no adult or even older sibling, supervision, in the City, from the age of 4 to 5 years old. Where I live, there are Jewish synagogues, next door to mosques, and all sorts of other examples of people living peacefully together. To hear the media, you'd think we're on the verge of another Civil War (which never should have been fought but that's another topic). Sponsors sell products through fear, and good news does not sell. It doesn't matter if it's CNN or Fox, it's about money.

    The Europeans have a totally distorted view of us, and why should we care? The English killed ten thousand captured American Patriots in Wallabout Bay, Brooklyn, during the Amrev. They slaughtered women and children in the Mid-Hudson Vally, NY, and burned down entire towns and the farms of all of the residents. They starved the Irish, took over the country of India, and put numerous others through absolute hell. When people say, the Europeans are "laughing" at us, due to Trump, my reaction to say, the U.K., would be, "We beat you, you can drop dead you goddamn hypocrites. Say some shit about America to my face, if you dare, which you cannot, because you are a class-based society that we kicked the fuck out, for good."
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  9. World wide and domestically we have invested far too much in the weapons of war with a blind eye to an under adequate social network and far to many unemployed people who could be utilized in rebuilding and improving the agricultural and industrial pursuits claimed to have been off shored. There are more humanitarian approaches to policing that benefits from training and situational awareness where deescalation is prioritized over compliance
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  10. What functions of the federal government wouldnt be better left to the states, and what functions of the state wouldnt be better left to counties, and what functions of counties wouldnt be better left to municipalities, and what functions of municipalities wouldnt be better left to families and individuals?

    These dubious people running for President and other lofty positions really shouldn't concern us, except for the obvious power of the positions, so to eliminate those concerns, we need to eliminate the positions.

    There is no need for the whims of anyone like Trump or Biden to have any effect on our lives, in fact who our neighbors and friend are should be more of a concern. If you want an inclusive society you cannot have ideologies running peoples lives from the top down.

    The fact that the OP may disagree with some of the respondents and vice versa should just be differences of opinion, but if one plans to vote for Trump and the other for Biden, it isn't just a different opinion, it is a power play over the other. How can that lead to inclusiveness?

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