Omgg What A Night

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by QnzTokeArtist, May 6, 2006.

  1. aiight lemme introduce maself...i live in queens and i smoke bud.....iight tonight which is friday night me and ma boy was witha couples of friends...we were chillin jus smoking sum bud....cops was watching us so we got out the park at like 9....wee walk on the ave by our houses...we see this black chick walking and we rememba her from playin ball wid her...her face is ehh but omg what a body....i could tell she was tipsy and i was blasted as fuck off sum crazy dro...i went in for the kill..i sed dam babe when u gunna gimme a sample of that booty...she sed wait up..i was lick fuk she aint gunna do it..bam 2 seconds later she takes out her ass omg!!!...what a booty.....then i start fingering and i sed wanna take dis sumwhere else?....boom, we wind up in the bathroom of a lundromat and i hit it and she sucks ma dick and than ma boy takes his turn with her..hahah train...but it was me that got ma boy laid cuz i spit crazy g at her....notes: crazy line she boy was walking with us and 2 secs before we go into the b-room she goes "do i have to suck both ur dicks????..hahahah omg me n my boy were so high we started roolling and sed why not....and sorry for the long rea but i swear on ma moms life its 100% true...peace out fellow stoners:smoking:
  2. you have to be 18 to post on this forum, banned...
  3. i saw nothing saying he was under the age of 18?

    i really didn't follow your story's point...or was the point that you and your friend found a random girl to suck your dick's in a laundromat?

  4. I definatley see your point...
  5. Yo man, I hope you wraped that shit up. :eek:

  6. True but what self respecting human above the age of 17 would post something of this nature... although i must admit i did find it amuseing and i do hope that it burns when u pee tomorrow... i hate using women like that.. although she did offer as to the details of the storry... w/e.. my faith in the upcoming generations of the united states has been shakey for quite some time now and this did nothing to prevent that opinion...:confused:
  7. ...
  8. hahah that crossed my mind

    drunk chicks are so easy. screw sloppy seconds, but w/e seems like u had some fun
  9. yes one more thing to add to my theory that our generation is a fucking one. we dont date and do all that kind of shit. we meet smoke drink fuck then do it all over again only in a different place. maybe we'll hang out at someones house or sit at home and watch a movie go out to eat whatever, but the bottom line is that we skip most if not all of the traditional values and experiences in a relationship.
  10. gotta love em hood rats
  11. wtvr man i got ma nut off so im good..and its not like she was drunk off her ass barely concious...she was a lil blazed so wtvr man
  12. this is my favorite part:

  13. There was nothiong that said he was under the age..are you just stoned ?:smoking:
  14. i know i am...

    mmm, laundromat bathroom sex

  15. sounds like YOU might've screwed up. That chick could have ANY STD.
  16. yeah man im fucking paranoid right now but not like she was a nasty crack whore and she was fairly tight so i doubt she was a big hoe..nonetheless she is a kinda slutty but wtvr...and it didnt hurt when i pissed da next mornin:hello:
  17. that does sound like a fun night scary tho i would be scared a little

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