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    what is happening
  2. are you useing nutes.
  3. ck you're ph and then you're nutes
  4. That's is a vegetative phosphorus problem if I've ever seen one, and the veins are showing some sort of damage probably caused by ph or over nuting.

    There's no reason for this to be happening if you ph is correct and you haven't added nutrients.
  5. as toilofday said phosphorus mate ! water type ya got there? hard? do ya let it sit a wile? 24 hrs? ya havent put non of that tim release crap in av you?
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  7. quickk im going to walmart nowww .. :/
  8. um, nothing from walmart. You need grown up nutrients.

    It's probably not a nutrient problem but ph. Nitrogen deficiency should show first in veg.
  9. Would foliar feeding be good?? I bought some water soluble nutrients.. 15-30-15
  10. You need a good quality soil with good drainage (ie. perlite mixed in). Don't get the type of soil that has nutes in it because it's hard to control. Foliar feeding started at 1/8 strength is fine. Spray the undersides of the leaves. It won't fix leaves that are already diseased, but it's an efficient means of supplemental feeding between waterings. The fert you bought is better for blooming, but you can use it now, especially if you have a P deficiency. Looks like your plant should be repotted soon, so next trip buy some potting mix and veg nutes while you're there. Get a small bag of perlite too in case the soil you buy turns out not to have enough (it usually doesn't). Cactus/succulent soil has good drainage, but it's cheaper to buy plain and add the perlite if it needs it. After you re-pot wait a couple weeks before feeding because fresh soil has some naturally occuring nutrients in it.
  11. nute deficiency we think

  12. i bought those nutes more for my other plants (flowering) which are having some phosphorus problems too.. i didnt really give them nutes before this. Thanks for the info
  13. It's kinda amazing that your flowering plants haven't had any ferts yet! Are you using soil with pre-mixed nutes? I think those are supposed to last 2 or 3 months, depending on how often you water. Depends on the brand too, but the bag should say how long they last. Hope your plant pulls through. Good luck, and keep us posted!

    BTW, even if you don't water in the nutes you can foliar feed at a very weak dilution. There are a lot of opinions about foliar feeding, and mine is that if your humidity is low it's okay. The salts may leave some residue on the leaves, so try to mist on the undersides mostly, and mist the whole plant with plain water between foliar feedings. Some people foliar feed during veg only, not flowering.

  14. yeah there are pre-mixed nutes. and thanks for the info

    the plant is still alive though and the new set of leaves is starting to come in (hopefully healthy!!). Debating whether or not to just cut off the diseased leaves... Will they grow back at all? Or should I just leave them and let them fall off on their own eventually
  15. there are differing opinions about that, too. personally, if there's any green left in the leaf i leave it on. i think the plant can draw something from it. when they're dry and brown and crispy i take them off, or just let them fall off.

    the problem you're having is one of the reasons i don't like the pre-mixed nutes -- you don't know exactly what's in it, or when it's used up. in your case the P ran out first. which makes me wonder -- is there still N & K left in it, or not? it's a guessing game. but i think the 15-30-15 is a good choice for this plant, for now.
  16. OK well need another pic to see the whole plant and it doesnt look like a ph problem it looks like light burn/heat burn, pick up the book "MARIJUANA GARDEN SAVER" :smoke:

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