OMG! what are all those wires and doohickeys!??

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  1. i thought i was learned in the ways of lighting up untill today.. aye KIRAMBA! i went to the company that im ordering my 430 watt son agro from.. and what he showed me blew me away...

    k, im ordering:

    1. Son Agro 430 EYE HPS Lamp

    2. 430 Watt Ballast

    3. Socket Standard

    TOTAL: 319.91$

    i was shown what id be getting if i ordered all this and my jaw dropped open.. what i saw was a shitload of wires and metal plates and cords and other doohickeys that they just supposed i would know how to put together...

    i thought i just plugged it into the wall and away i go.. APPARENTLY NOT!

    plzzz plzzz, if anyone knows their shit about HPS lighting systems and would like to help me out.. itd be much appreciated.. i am CLUELESS as to what to do with these things..

    PS: they arent ordered yet because of what happened today, but i need to know if i still want to order, thats why im turning to you guyz for some help in what to do with all that shite..


    PecE OuT

  2. heh, i WISH it came with a manual.. but sadly, there is no such thing for the son agro 430..

    its a "specialty horticultural item and as such is not reccomended for beginners or dabblers in the art of indoor horticulture".. stupid old man.. he called me a "inexperienced young punk!" ROFL.. i guess ill get no help from those guys at the lighting store.. owell, im going to order it anyways and then once i have all the bits and pieces here ill take a load of pictures of everything and then see what i can do with it with everybodys help.. lol, itll be like the city's very own jigsaw puzzle! :D

    well, i guess in two weeks well see what can be done with a bunch of wires and metal doohickeys! that pile of crap will eventually be turned into something amazing.. a veritable SUN of light and power to help my little babies grow high and strong!

    PeacE OuT
  3. forget going to that store! lol

    just order one online, comes complete, just screw the light in, plug into ballast, ballst into mains via timer and away you go!
    good luck
  4. My thoughts exactly, just make sure you don't run over 20 amps on a circuit and you'll be just fine. Also, horizontal bulbs suck compared to vertical. Ahh, I love HID lighting in the mornin', and givin them plants some misting of love.
  5. i would LOVE to order online.. except for a couple things:

    1. I dont own a credit card, and some online stores dont accept money or postal orders, if they do accept money or postal orders, than it would take approx 2-3 weeks for the money to get there, then another 2-8 weeks(depending on where i go) for my stuff to come back.. ordering from the store itll take 1 or 2 weeks and i can pay in cash..

    2. The security and stealth compromise of ordering online and having a package come to my house with an HID growlight inside is over the top... if i order in from a store i can choose to not give them my personal information, and i can pick my stuff up with my car whenever i feel like it. No conspicuous packages with lighting written all over them coming to our house..

    i would much rather fiddle with the wires and doohickeys if that means that there is no CHANCE in hell i'll get caught with anything! security is #1, then comes price and ease of construction.

    Peace Out
  6. Maybe the dude at the store showed you more than what you need to make it look like more than what you want to screw with because he knows what you want it for and doesn't want to be the guy to sell it to you. Or maybe he wants the stuff for his own growroom!
  7. LOL! heh, ive never thought about it that way.. actually, ive been reading around a bit on the subject of putting together HPS lights.. heres a quote and a pic from

    "One of the best ways to save a bundle on equipment is to wire up your own lights from a kit. By buying the parts unassembled, you can probably construct a light for half of what it would cost "ready made" from a hydro shop. As well as saving money, you can avoid the paranoia involved in shopping there. Many people might be reluctant to work with wires and electricity, which is certainly understandable, But it isn't nearly as difficult as you might think."

    lol, theres a bundle of info on wiring stuff up there.. although this pic looks sorta daunting :S

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  8. If you've got the time then I say more power to you.
  9. heh, i think it wont be THAT hard to put it together, ive already got an idea of what everything is and what it does.. i am just pretty hazy on the whole wiring concept and what to hook to where.. im sure theres alot of people on grasscity who know a fair bit about wiring up HPS systems.. im buying a digital camera and am going to see if i cant work my way through putting the little bastard together with the help of everyone on grasscity... lol, wish me luck!

    Peace Out
  10. There is also a wire schmatic at It is real easy to follow just dont cross any wires. If you do it wrong it will burn your house down but if you are careful and double check then tripple check youll be ok and youll have a good light for a half of the cost.

    HPS 400 Watt ballest $43.50 -
    Mongul socket $22.50 -
    2 Wires Ext. Cords ~$10.00 -
    Small box (metal) ~$8.00 -
    odds & ins Screws ect $5.00 -
    all for a grand total of $89.00

    for the money 89 beats whatever a commercial light your going to find granted you will need a refector and a housing chains to suspend it by and a way to cool it but if the budget it tight just suspend the damn thing over your grow.

    Grow on.

    Ohh Yeah im not an electrician and I wired my own its not terribly complex you just need to know how to PAY ATTENTION and be careful or you can get hurt or burn your house down. DONT FORGET TO GROUND and dont miswire double check and save money. Sorry to be repetitive but safety is number 1 if you dont put it number 1 then PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS you can electricute yourself when you plug it in or burn your house down or melt the ballest none of those are cool so be careful!
  11. heh, sounds good! ive already got my son agro, 430watt ballast and socket, and my heavy duty timer coming, theyll be here in about a week and a half... i just need to figure out a way to contain all the parts to the ballast after i hook up the capacitator, ignitor, and transformer to each other and to the socket.. i dont want wires running all over the place..

    then all i need is to find a good reflective hood and suspend the hood, socket, and bulb from the top of my growspace.. the bulb into the socket the socket into the ballast(the ballast is the hard part in putting together) the ballast will be plugged into the timer, the timer into the wall, and voila! i have a Son Agro 430 Watt monster growlight for growing my mazar with!

    Peace Everyone
  12. well, have you gotten your light yet?
  13. wishful thinking man.. wishful thinking.. the timer is on backorder or some bullshit like that.. the guy keeps running his mouth off.. fuk that.. i still have to wait for my seeds to come newayz tho.. so its all good,

    patience is a virtue.. AND ITS A MUST FOR GROWING GANJA!

    lol, i learned that quickly...


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