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Omg This Weed is..,

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by nukeemnate, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. omg this weed i got from my new dealer is daannk i posgt pics in a min he said is called white sumthin and i just smoked about leike 6 bowls and im reallllly high right now like above high in the skuy man.
  2. it took you 6 bowls to get really high off something that is called "white something or other". Sounds like shitty herb
  3. yeah let's see those pics. kryptic is right though- if it took you 6 bowls to get high, then you're smoking some shit. one bowl ought to do the trick. :smoke:
  4. nate, how old are you?
  5. He never said it took him 6 bowls to get high. He said he smoked 6 and is really high. Quit being so judgemental.
    Just because he smoked more than you probably usually do, doesn't mean he's a retard.

    OP-White something or another...white widow you mean?
  6. Pics would be cool, man. Only names I can think of would be White Widow, White Rhino, White Russian.
  7. doubt its legit widow, might be some nice banger tho, pics would be nice :D

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