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OMG someone tell me this has happened to them

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Harley36, Feb 19, 2016.

  1. So i Vape, my bub. I am pretty new to it, i use to smoke up when i was a teenager, haven't really since, but recently i have started vapeing some bud before bed, as i suffer from some severe insomnia at times, its a great way to calm and relax myself before i go to sleep, helps keep me asleep too. So anyhow i have all this left overs from the vape the "vape poo, or ABV" what ever you want to call it. and someone said to make an edible with it, i know the THC in it is active and still high, i only burn my vape at about 375, so my leftovers were a nice light brown, prob still pretty good shit. I had maybe 20 grams, and thats the bare minimum according to all the recipies. I also did NOT turn it into butter first, i used my coffee grinder and chopped it into a powder almost, and threw it right in with the cookie doe.

    Okay so here is the totally messed up part, i finished making them, couldnt eat one cause i had to go to i have made them before with some canna butter, and just got a mild stone from it, no big deal, so i assumed this was going to be the same! anyhow so as i was cleaning up, i licked the beaters from the mixer, no big deal right....omg omg within a hour, as im getting ready for work, the room starts to spin, i cant focus, i mean i have never been so high in my life, ever! then i started getting sick, but even as i was sick, i was still so freaking high, my body , haha i mean i layed on the couch and my body just stopped working, i couldnt even lift my arm to scratch...then i would get sick again, and on and on..this is 17 hours later and i still feel a bit off.

    I wondered if it was just me, maybe i licked a super concentrated spot, so my hubby eats 1/4 of a cookie and waits a half hour, nothing so he eats another bite, waits, nothing, so he ends up having a whole cookie, feeling nothing, then like an hour and a half later (slow metabolism?) he is fucked right up, all through the night, he just had to get ready for work and is still high the next morning!! his stomach is upset too, no puking but def upset..and still so high.

    anyone else experience this!???
  2. How many cookies did you make from 20 grams? That kind of sounds like a lot but I'm not super familiar with this so wait for someone smarter to answer.

    As for your hubby's situation, I've had edibles take 2 hours to kick in. An hour and a half is normal.

    He ate too much. He should have taken a 1/4 of a cookie and waited at least an hour before upping the dose.

  3. Firerat thanks for your reply, I know 20 grams did seem like alot, but most recipies call for more then that, its not a fresh 20 grams, i mean its already been semi burnt in my vape, so i would assume the level of THC would be lower for sure, but i guess not! haha

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    Again, that's my not so well informed opinion so take it for what it's worth. There are some master chefs around here when it comes to edibles. They'll tell you what happened I'm sure.

    Edibles are weird. Some claim they don't work at all. Some, like me, need to be really careful when dosing or they'll end up having a really shitty night. Good thing is you'll live.

    If you ever do this again, test the waters before you jump right in. And be patient.

    Everyone is different, every batch is different
  5. so, you learned your first lesson. It's a rough one isn't it? This is exactly why you ask questions first and try it second. Eating ganja is far different then smoking it. You green out when you smoke to much, you get ill if you eat to much.

    What's a good starting dose? Fresh ganja that has been decarbed will be around a 1/4 of a gram per single serving. So for ABV bud, it's 2 to 3 times as much because the vaping process has used most of the THC and a little CBD. So the body high will be heavy from ABV edibles.

    Also, you typically DONT need to decarb / activate ABV ganja. The vaping process has done that allready. You can tell too, note the smell, texture and look of it. That is pretty much what ganja that has been decarbed looks like. Dried out, funky smelling and darkened ganja.

    So with that said, I would use a quarter of an ounce of decarbed ganja in a boxed brownie recipe. That would net you 12 brownies that should be potent enough to get you very high. It takes about 2 hours for edibles made from ABV because you are dumping the ganja directly in to the brownies. If you were to make canna oil by steeping the ABV in 2/3 of coconut oil (note: a boxed brownie recipe calls for 2/3 cup of oil. Use coconut oil for high amounts of fat needed to steep the THC from the ABV.). If you used canna oil in your brownies instead of just throwing the ABV in there, you would get buzzed way way faster. Say, 45 minutes to an hour.

  6. I had this happen with some weed nutella that i made. Had about 2 spoonfuls thinking id be pretty high but an hour or so later i was trying to figure out how to stand up [​IMG] Made me so sick i puked though and i definitely have been a lot more careful with edibles since then.
  7. I've greened out to the point of tossing my cookies. Not fun.

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