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OMG! So fucked up!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TrendSetta, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Right, first of all i have been with my girlfriend for 6 years ( since 12 years old ) shes 20 and im 18 ( lucky to have her ). Thinks were going great! up until 4 months ago, we was constantly arguing and at one point she said 'one of these days i'll find a better man' it broke my heart even though i knew she didn't mean it:(. Any ways... 2 weeks ago i got an email for this site, i thought it was to speak to new people and stuff so i joined and then i realized it was a dating site i can't say i was totally oblivious to it but i didn't really pay much attention. I got chatting to this girl but we both remained anonymous as i didn't want to be recognized and i felt kind of bad but flirty texts started occurring and i got underwear pictures and i sent some too ( all knew stuff from me ) and we arranged to meet. My girlfriend was already away for a week at this time with her sister so i didn't think anything of being caught. As we arrange to meet i made sure it was in a secluded place where i've never been and i know no one will be there, i knew i was going to cheat on her then but it all felt right. As i got drove 45 mins to the place (traffic and such) i recognized the face and it was my FUCKING GIRLFRIEND! i'm serious! no word of a lie !! that stupid bitch had the nerve!! and i treated her like a princess i mean i know i am in the wrong but i provide for her everything! now we don't talk ( we live together ) and it's extremely awkward and horrible, what should i do guys because i really love her but i'm absolutely livid with her atm! :mad: thanks blades! :smoking:
  2. You get caught cheating suffer the consequences

  3. did you not listen? SHE DONE IT TOO but worse cause of the circumstances :( :smoking:
  4. LOLz!!!!!! You got trolled niccuh!
  5. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmnnnnnnnn. I see an open window for a 3-some or maybe a swinger party. That's prob not her first time bro.
  6. Are you crazy I woulda acted like I knew it was her, like it was a set-up

    I woulda probably assaulted her terribly and urinated on her while she was injured
  7. Haha she be real life Trollin you.
  8. So wait. You met an anonymous woman online, did dirty pics with them, and then you notice it's your girlfriend when you meet irl?

    Get a new GF lol. You obviously don't love her, and she's been cheating on you.
  9. How did she not recognize your body parts?

    How did you not recognize her body parts? 6
  10. Wait how did you text her and not realize the phone number? ? Also she probably was setting you up
  11. This is a horrible attempt at trolling, shit sounds like a movie...
  12. This really just dont make sense.. how would you not know it was your gf's body?? Especially after being with her since 12..
  13. I said underwear pictures... are you that dumb? i haven't tattoed my name on her thighs legs and arse, and why would she use the same number she uses for me? come on people!
  14. sounds like a stupid skank no offense
  15. what?!?!? Have I just woke up in 'wot the fuck world'.... What the hell you mean she cheated on you.... oh weird, I just got this email for this site, weird.... Either your trolling or she been setting honey traps bro... and tbf even thou you are a shit for taking the bait, shes a shit for laying the trap... best off apart man, best off apart..
  16. So your saying she brought a new phone to text a guy and cheat? And also you brought a new phone 2 cause she would of realized your number

  17. On the contrary my friend, it seems as if you are the dumb one.

    1.You let a chick tell you shes going to find a new dude and you do nothing.
    2.You join a site to meet new people but are to simple minded to realize its a dating site?
    3.You cant tell its your own gf you have dated for 6 years.
    4.Who the fuck sends underwear pics?? Seriously??
    5.After you realize its a dating site, you continue to talk to chicks and send pics?
    6.If this sketchy ass story has any truth in it at all... it deff shows how "smart" you are.

    So it seems to me.. your stupidity got you into this..
  18. So many trolls on GrassCity these days.. Do you guys have fuck all to do?
  19. So its her fault because.... no you're both equally responsible.

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