OMG!, a freakin peeping tom?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by highawatha, May 29, 2002.

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  1. like someone else id better say i was not drunk drinking high or taking any \"other\" drugs last night, well not after midnight :D anyhow. i think we had a fukkin peeping tom i just finally had the chance to tell my husband. coarse i heard a buncha crap from him about haveing all the security lights off. guess ill have to get used to sleeping with beams of light poking into my closed eyelids again. anyhow i spose ive a touch of insomnia, and frankly was enjoying alll the quiet. it was 2:37 am and i was jus laying in bed trying to fall asleep. i found a little humor in the fact that lucky and the baby who both snore were syncronized. (lucky has some nasal problems, snores somthing fierce) and the lil one has a slight cold. anyhow i thought it a little funny that they were breathing together. thats when i noticed another set of breathing at the window. also breathing kinda loudly with the dogs snores, still real quiet and not moving, thinking maybe the neighbors horse was over again eating my bushes (this would not be the first time) there was no mistaking 3 sets of noticable breathing...just as i rationalize probably not the neighbors horse, because its way to quiet. in mid snore lucky stops snoring and starts a low growl. the breathing stops. lucky continues growling much louder now and starts showing his teeth. then i hear two steps on my newly hauled gravel (if you have a gravel drive/walk you know what it sounds like when someone walks on it its kinda hard to miss) only two steps so IF there was someone there which i now think there was they walked out of my shrubs over the walk way, and down a dark country road. omg.
    i checked to make sure my kids windows were all closed tight and the shades drawn. i certainly didnt see anything but about 15 minutes later i heard a car start and drive away. from somewhere. thank god for my monster he\'s realy funny about certain things, us girls!. and his house. i dont know why i told you all this,.... guess its cause im freaked out still. an guess its cause im a little glad we had a really wierd freeze last week that killed my tomatoes n stuff cause it looks like i gotta call the sheriff.
  2. If the security lights bother ya, switch to motion detector lights. That way they\'re only on when ya NEED them. Hope that jerk was a one-time occurance for ya, but take care, freaks are everywhere nowadays!! and don\'t let the Sheriff \"blow ya off\", tell him you\'re POSITIVE (even if ya ain\'t) someone was there. That way maybe they\'ll patrol out your way more often. And it makes you LESS suspicious, as no toker INVITES police patrols,lol!!

    We\'ll be thinkin\' bout you and yours, and sending you good karma, TAKE CARE!!
  3. I\'m not trying to scare you or anything, but if it was dark in your room, he was\'nt coming up to catch a peek! (Would\'nt he have to go down to the toll booth to do that?:p :)

    I\'m sorry. Could\'nt let that one go by. You have my permission to kick my ass the first time you see me!

    Back to the serious side.

    Once again, I don\'t think this dude had peeping on his mind!
    I think he was probably casing the joint. In case you have\'nt watched e\'nuff old detective movies, that means he was sizing up your place, for......well, I\'m sure you can think of several reasons why.

    Don\'t let me freak you out here. He\'s tipped his hand so I doubt he\'s stupid e\'nuff to try again. But be prepared anyway! Like everyone said, GET THE DAMN LIGHTS ON !!!!!

    As I recall, y\'all got guns, don\'t ya?

    Before you go to bed, make one ready, but keep it away from the kiddies, (like I need to tell you this!) Unload it in the morning when you get up.

    You don\'t have to kill nobody, but a shot in the air really makes them run FAST!

    I suggest lettin Lucky be your teddy bear. Sound\'s like he takes good care of momma. Give \'em a doggie treat for me!

    Around here you can just give the information on the phone of a suspicious vehicle, and ask for a little more patrols in the area.


    Glad you\'re all OK!

    Take care and do like the Boy Scouts;


    P.S. How ya liking racin\' so far this year?
  4. ugh, 6:30am fist day of summer break an ive been up for hours. this sucks
    i did make a report yesterday, the cop (a baseball dad) said maybe highschool kids? but he took me seriously and said doggies are good. (i believe it was highschool kids that redecorated out christmas display a few years ago,they took nothing,broke nothing, in fact they were very careful, they just rearranged everything backwards) the more i think about this the less random and peeping it seems. about 6 years ago we had alot of trouble with a particular boy/man. the police,..very aware of this also. (oh an i also knew at some point, yes at some point, this would become MY FAULT im an F-ing ho, dontcha know?) almost had that good shiner for ya puffy.
    i thought about 2 things real quick when it happened , well 3....i do not want to see a face in my window, ill never sleep again. i do not want to see anything slinking away from my house, an for the love of god dont let it drip fire. then i unfroze.
    thief. after more thought. the lesser of 3 evils. i hope they noticed i have 3 children, so all i own is junk. everything i have is nasty crappy and broken.
    i guess we were very lucky.
    ya\'ll have a better day than me.
  5. p.s. im liking it alot. is it just me or are ALL the drivers cutier this year.
  6. Motion lights are the way to go. I don\'t have them But I have two blue heelers in the yard at all times. They jump at a bird landing on the ground. Within the last month they have bitten the UPS man, fed Ex man, a mom coming to pick up boy scouts, Jehovah witnesses, and last monday a kid selling books door to door

    Good Dogs!!! goood doggs.

    My first reaction was a thief casing the joint. Maybe friends of a friend of a friend of a weed supplier, maybe.

    BTW, what were you wearing when he was peeping in on you?
  7. The best thing to do is stick on some reeeeeeally loud music really suddenly. Scares the shit out of people who should not be there. Just have the remote to a large sound system by you. True story, about two years ago I was in on my own. Anyways my brother (coming back from the pub) thaught it would be a GREAT IDEA to start tapping on the window and generally scare the shit out of me. I knew it was him cos i saw him in the reflection on the tv. So I turned on the stereo discreetly with a remote control and kranked the volume. BANG- Prodigy (used to be more in to them than now) v loud and my brother shat himself and got about ten metres before thinking wtf am I running for? Funny assed shit if not exactly useful... hahah... I\'m gonna be laffin at that all night now...
  8. thanks for listenin\'
    all lit up like the the fourth now. ( now i just need to shoot myself a couple of cats and find whatever bird it is that sounds like my phone ringing, and shoot it too!)
    well puffy if you have to know it was one of those oldfashioned, one piece long underware jobbies that open for an easy pee. yea moslty the boys round here wearem, but i got a good deal at a rummage sale.
  9. any song from brujeria if you turned it on loud when someone tryd to breakin would have them runing as fast as they can
  10. lmao..sorry this is kinda late..but It reminds me of an incident when I was really young and a similar situation happened to me..late at night..weird screaming noises...scared the shit out of me...etc....

    Now that I think about it, Im pretty sure it was my parents gettin it on in the room nextdoor...but for a few years after that I always had a \"special effects\" tape set to a police siren wailing and the volume set high and ready at a moments notice..this was also accompanied by my trusty daisy pump action bb rifle rested snugly under my bed at reaching distance.....ahhh it feels good to go to bed knowing aint nobody messin with ya...
  11. lmfao hahahaa thats certainly relfectivly tramatic
  12. lol....yeah that reminds me of the days when i used to sleep with my plastic Rambo knife incase anybody was gonna break
  13. lol my \"escape method\" was either to go through my closet to the attic and go out through the garage, or jump off my side roof and run like hell...

    but the rambo plastic knife, good thing you had that to keep you safe! Lucky you never had to use it ;)

    and lol! it probably was your parents doin\' the nasty but it\'s probably EASIER for you to think it was a peeping tom, right?
  14. i have a real Rambo knife, exactly like the one he had. i stole it from a friend when i was little. i have it next to my tv.
  15. ok new lil story about the dog,...
    for somereason everyone wants to prove he\'s a puss, well he kinda is :) dont tell....anyhow its like a mission, tho he does have a menacing bark and, well some say he has a (this hurts me to say this)... really ugly face so its like some kind of mission to call him puss., it all off he\'s really only a pup well like year and half. so yesterday mind you my hubbys friend we\'ll call him the \"poacher\",...(ive been meaning to telll you all a really funny story about the \"poacher\", ahhh.... another time)so now he decides to try an prove it now all the sudden im being manhandled( see what happens when i become more social? :D) by, the poacher, well i my pooch DID NOT run away. infact barked growled and carried on quite fiercly!!!!...BEHIND ME!
    i received more injury from being jumped on and barked all over than what the poacher was doing. THEN top it all off with the poacher now tells my monster to sit, which he does promptly....(he\'s trained you know :rolleyes:) lay and stay which he also does without hesitation. while the poacher gloats.. so now i see i need to do some additional dog training.
    figures :D
  16. Lemme tell you of a related story....I was in my room witha friend, completely rational, not stoned, and i swear i saw something outside...okay now im scared shitless again....!
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