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OMFG!!! Mouth Swab Test Today!!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DaFt VaDer420, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I'm a daily pot smoker and just had to take an oral mouth swab test for a job....I waited 6 days without smoking before I took the test today...

    Should I be worried about not passing...???

    Please let me know from you guys experiences...
  2. Btw.... took the test about 5 hrs ago...
  3. lol people usually pass those tests regardless of how much they smoke, i know a few people who took them with no break in their habit and passed just fine

    Its generally more so to test if you are high, at the moment... i dont really get the point lol Saliva is a terrible vehicle for cannabinoids in the body
  4. After 6 days you should be good. The mouth swab test isn't that accurate, and really only detects recent drug use ex. past 24hrs
  5. I'm pretty sure I read if you wash your mouth at with mouthwash you're good like four hours later.

    What I would've done is eat a shit ton of sour and acidy foods to try to kill the membrane inside my cheeks
  6. Awesome! I was all worried nd shit when I was taking it.... Soooo relieved now :)
  7. I took the swab and came up positive for THC, Methemphetatmines, PCP and some other shit from the 60s. And that was after being clean for 3 years! I had to piss in a cup to shed all doubts. Swabs are very unreliable and can go either way.

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