OMFG just look at it lmfao

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  1. can u say


    lol funny though
  2. hahaha yeah i seen this video before
  3. "If you want to be my peer, please respect my ears."
    "DONT CUSS!"

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    Alright I'm actually really high... and I thought that was the stupidest fuckin' thing I've ever seen.

    Oh wait I take that back... don't click this.
  5. shit anybody who can actualy watch that whole video gets a gold star.
  6. wtf son you must be retardly high to think thats funny,
  7. Bahahaha fuckin awesome

    definatly the worst one
  8. Then how am i suppose to sound cool?!
  9. Funniest thing ever... +rep even though it doesn't do anything for you
  10. :directed towards ops vid: freedom of fucking speech bitch.

    and thread reported, belongs in TV=Dead.
  11. Wow you need to get a life lol. Getting mad at me just because I --repped you a few times in the past? And then you go and --rep me back for posting something and "I fail to amuse". Yeah, I think not you're the only fag in this thread. Also, not that I care, but you --repped me 1 point LOL. Also, talk shit all you want but this is my final reply as nobody respects you in this forum.

    And you wonder why I barely even come to these forums anymore..
  12. Yeah the kids that volunteered to do that are pussies, annoying pussies at that.
  13. Haha yeah fuckin boy scouts LOL

  14. Should I build an arc and get two of every animal before your tears flood the message boards?

    Seriously dude, get a life. It's just a fuckin' message board.

    EDIT: I neg repped you because I knew you'd respond like a total douche, which I find amusing. Since you posted that lame video, I figured you owed me for the time it took to watch. :)
  15. Haha here's a quote from the "testimonials" page of the No Cussing Club (which is actually not a joke, as i first thought).

    "Not only was there profanity in every sentence the man uttered, but the subject of his conversation was completely inappropriate for this family setting. My frustration began to build as I’m sure it did with all the other people around us. As a factory operations manager and former US Navy officer, I usually have no problem confronting people. But in addition to this guy’s language and demeanor, his head-to-toe tattoos and gangster style cloths suggested that our confrontation would be a long one, possibly physical, end up in the parking lot and on the evening news. I had to make a quick decision; risk ruining the rest of the day for my family and I, or bite my tongue for the last 15 minutes of the show. Let’s just say that my tongue was sore for the rest of the day. I’m sure there were a lot of sore tongues that day."
  16. God damnit to fucking hell I fuckin' love to cuss and shit.

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