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  1. yo, if anyone wants to listen some good rap (not ungerground) listen to Omar Cruz (and hes from my home town of Culver City too!!).

    Omar Cruz justr signed a 50/50 deal with Interscope (see below). im REALLY diggin his shit. like, shit, imo hes one of the best (if not the best) latino MC...EVER (at least untill i release my CD :p). thats a bold statment if you know shit about hip hop.

    this isnt for the "hip hop purists"....this is for anyone who like some good hip hop. str8 up.

    oh, and for right now you can download both of Omar Cruzs mixtapes (Blow and City Of Gods) for FREE at


    Omar Cruz & BYI Ent. Sign 50/50 Deal W/ Interscope/Geffen!! - June 3, 2006 By : SGV
    [​IMG] Tonight, a select few got to witness history in the making. Omar Cruz announced that he would be the first artist off of BYI Entertainment (and partners Mr. Cartoon and Estevan Oriol of Joker Brand/SA Studios) since the label inked a 50/50 Deal with Geffen and industry super-power Interscope Records. To make it real official, Tom Pununzio of Geffen and Jimmy Iovine of Interscope were in the house co-signing O Dot, LuLu, Rome and the whole BYI heavily. Also in the house for this event was one of the illest producers out right now, period Javie Lopez; Long Beach native Crooked I; Sen Dog of the legendary Cypress Hill; Skinhead Rob of Expensive Taste/Soul Assassins Family; VA's DJ Noe Dout and others all showing love and support for Omar Cruz and BYI.

    Back in late 2004, I introduced ya'll to a name that was randomly heard around the L.A. underground scene and to a label that was a virtual unknown at the time. A year and a half later and they've done a complete 180. This has been a long time coming for an artist like Omar Cruz and a label like BYI. They've made it this far with little to no major affiliation in the Rap world. O Dot now has the blessings of big-wigs Jimmy Iovine and Tom Pununzio, not to mention, a Hip Hop legend like Dr. Dre giving personal advice. All those who had doubts about whether O.Cruz was really signing to a major should be feeling real stupid right now. This was no Publicity Stunt, O.Cruz and BYI did it and they did it big.

    The event was nothing but smiles and good times. Drinks and food (Tacos, Taquitos and more direct from Tito's Tacos) were on the house. Mr. Cartoon brought the lowriders out. DJ Noe Dout was spinning the hot shit (including the up coming mixtape from Omar Cruz The Cruzifixion, which, in my opinion, blows his other two mixtapes, and they were extremely hot to begin with, out the water). As I stated before, we'll be bringing you the up to date news and on this historical event. We've been your number one spot for O.Cruz and BYI news for a hot minute, now others are trying to catch up, but they're still falling short. This is just a wrap up report of what went down tonight. We got some exclusive Photo's and an exlcusive video that only the people the party got to see. But, as we always do here... we bringing it to ya'll on here courtesy of BYI!

    Lastly, here's a little audio clip of Mr.Cartoon and Omar Cruz talking about the deal and giving their thanks to all those who made it possible. The audio maybe a bit high, so do not have your speakers too loud right off the bat.

    Mr. Cartoon & Omar Cruz Talk About The I/G/A Deal

    It's BYI BITCH! Check back tomorrow for more. Accept no substitutes!


    to the mods: if the links i put up here are considered advertising then please remove them...but im just trying to get some exposure for a fellow Culver City-ite. peace.


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