Olympics opening ceremony singer lip-synced

Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, Aug 12, 2008.

  1. What a joke! ..they're telling the kid that sang that she's too ugly to perform and they're
    telling the kid that "performed" that she can't sing good enough to use her real voice.
    Can we all say 'superficial' :rolleyes:


  2. Yeah I just read about that.

    Looks like China wants the perfect Olympics.
  3. In communist china song sings you
  4. but who can blame them. happens all the time. they just don't want to blow their image since it took them forever to get approval to host the olympics this year. they're a very prideful country as is everyone else. people are going to try to blow this out of proportion..

  5. beat me to it
  6. here's the girl

    the one on the left actually sang the song

  7. thats what she said.
  8. Good thing I'm not actually watching the Olympics. I would've long ago chucked a fucking remote into my screen.

  9. why would she say that?
  10. and yet they are competing in sports that measure ability, not appearance.

    fuck em.
  11. China seriously want's to put it's best foot forward for the world.

    I mean, TBH, what's your opinion of China?

    I guarantee that the communist govt would love to change your view.
  12. Thats ridiculous, if its her voice then its her voice, fuck apearance.... People can be so superficial.

  13. eeheheheheheheheheehehee
  14. they faked some of the fireworks too lol.


  15. cheap bastards
  16. aaahh shes so ugly i puked in my mouth!
  17. I think she's cute.

    Surprising they didn't have a BOY sing, eh?
  18. And they say Chinese people all look alike

    Oh wait...
  19. You see, this is a perfect example of what happens in a government-controlled health system: failure to abort ugly babies

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