Olympic Basketball Tonight - USA - Russia

Discussion in 'General' started by collieman11, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Hey blades, airing at 3am eastern time tonight is the USA mens basketball game versus Russia on ESPN2. Anybody going to root on the worlds best basketball team with me?!
  2. Heh we seem to always lose in international basketball because our players don't know the fundamentals at all. I won't hold my breath.
  3. This year is totally different and you can tell by watching. They are unselfish, they play excellence defense. This team is going to win gold mark my words. With Kobe, D-Wade, Lebron, and Carmelo playing the way they are now it's going to be fun to watch.
  4. I wish i could see it but i have to wake up early tommmorw and the game is at 3am.But i am really sure they'll win especially after stompin turkey and lithuania
  5. I watched parts of it before I had to go to work (5 AM shift..) can't wait for the friendlies to be over and the real shit to go down..!
  6. yeah they're lookin good so far, hopefully they dont choke when it counts this time around
    we'll see
    btw dwade lookin real good...
  7. Good to see ppl on here watching it. Im always rooting for Kobe =] The rest of the team is buff but i agree LB Dwade is looking Nice. That one alley oop windmill was SICK!

    I wana see Dwight go into beast mode baby!

    Edit: 3k post, heres my celebration rip!
  8. did they win?
  9. why of course, 89-69 or something along those lines, kobe led the way
  10. Many people have suggested that the international teams are sandbagging to give the American's false hope.

    Hopefully, Coach K has thought of the same idea.
  11. Wow, way to not know what the fuck you are talking about. The USA men's team has won 12 gold medals, 1 silver, and two bronze in Olympic play. The team with the next amount of gold metals is Soviet Union with 2. The US men's basketball team has also won over 30 consecutive international games. IDIOT. fundamentals?, please bitch.
  12. Maybe 30 consecutive Olympic Pre-Qualifiers or something.

    They lost the FIBA tournament last year.

    Your research FTL.
  13. He said "has also won 30 consecutive" which although I'm not sure if correct, I wouldn't doubt it.

    What you've forgotten is from 1980-1996 I'm pretty certain we didn't lose a single game...
  14. Actually, the reason we went to Professional players in 1992 was narrow wins and a few losses in Non-Olympic International Play.

    From 1992 to 2002, The Team USA Senior National Team didn't lose on any court they stepped on.
  15. alright, well im glad we r all on the same side of this arguement! haha go USA!

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