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  1. So I'm just browsing through the interwebs when BAM!
    My day couldn't start any better..:love:






    Some one mentioned her in the nostalgia thread, so its a happy coincidence. I want to have babies with her. Alison Hayslip (sp?) the newest ATOS girl really just pisses me off...

    A few more...sorry for all the gifs.


    [​IMG]<----Seriously can't stop laughing at this one. Remember this episode anyone?

    I guess most of these are more funny than sexy...but damn. Got some more pictures of this lovely lady?
  2. good morning nip slip...watta hoe:smoke:
  3. Wha..t the .. fuck.. ?
  4. Idk, Olivia Munn just doesn't cut it for me.
    She just looks like she's making an ass out of herself.
    But at the same time at least she's having fun...

    I think she should just be a model in pictures...
    That way I don't have to listen to her or watch her
    move awkwardly with a fish.
  5. Dude she's been my dream girl from the first time I saw AOTS like 3 years ago.
  6. never found her to be that attractive. Plus it seems like she tries too hard

    different strokes for different folks
  7. shes pretty hot. id throw it in her a couple times

  8. quoted for mothafucking truth
  9. She looks hot. The hottest person with the first name Olivia is still Olivia Wilde though.
  10. Oh, yeah, and as for Haislip, she's ok for like 2 or 3 shows, but after basically an entire summer of her I absolutely hate her. She isn't even really attractive, she's got a nice body but her face is wack most of the time. And she's not funny, I'm convinced the only reason she gets as much air time as she does is that she's fucking Kevin and/or the producers.
  11. Yea she blows guys she's pretty much breached stereotypes and has created a own niche of her own, being a retard of a video game show and thats appealing to nerds because all her labels have been labeled as epic, which is pretty much any other girl has the sense not to do that because of the self-respect they might have. Olivia Munn = Huge tool and I would probably feel like a pedo or chomo if I felt any kind of attraction towards her. Now Jessica Chobot thats how a gamer chick's supposed to act. A chick before a gamer


  12. First of all, Olivia is not a "gamer chick". She hosts a show G4 which I'm assuming you don't watch, because if you did you would not be calling her a gamer chick.

    Second of all, I didn't realize there were set ways that chicks are "supposed to act".

    Third of all, why you would feel like a pedo/homo for thinking a beautiful, 30 year old woman is attractive?

  13. I call her a gamer chick because she isn't a chick who played video games she's a gamer chick meaning she's a collective of that whole cliche meaning she thinks thats how chicks who play video games act.

    Secondly, it would be wrong for me to assume you're a virgin but a chick who fucks alot gets called a ho, a chick who makes a guy work for it is a keeper but im sure you weren't aware of how chicks were supposed to act in that instance.

    Thirdly I fuck brains and Olivia Munn's brain is that of a 13 year old, no disrespect to the 13 year olds out there
  14. Good morning indeed :ey::yummy::yay::D:smoking:

  15. Right, because you've totally met Olivia in person.

    And what exactly does the part I bolded have to do with anything I said. In your OP you mentioned something about how "gamer chicks" are supposed to act. My response was that I didn't realize there's a way they're "supposed to act". That to me just sounds incredibly arrogant.
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    Right because there's no difference between a gamer chick and chick that plays games :rolleyes: While this may seem incredibly confusing for you there are people who define their whole existence by certain actions or concepts and there are people who are given definition by the actions and concepts the contrive in, don't confuse the two, and Olivia Munn seems to be of the former and even though its TV is that a reputation you would like to cling to if you pose to be someone otherwise? Simple questions

    EDIT: And I wasn't referring to Olivia Munn in that instance but since it clearly flew over your head because of the weighted idealism you sorely cling to you missed my meaning. Girls can act however the fuck they wanna act but if you fucking the whole football team am I gonna call you a virgin? Are you gonna chase a girl who fucks the whole football team to marry and take care of your 3 kids? Yes there is a definite way to act son, I just keep it real but by all means I do not refer to a person acting according to one's preferences, thats just crazy talk ;)

  17. I think you're just putting way too much emphasis on roles.

  18. Deflective move is deflective
  19. Meh, Olivia tries WAYYY to hard and is kind of annoying. Morgan Webb for the win for me.
  20. i'd poop on her chest.
    i mean, if she wanted me to. just sayin...

    in case she were to ever ask me to poop on her chest I would say yes.
    just want to be clear.

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