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Discussion in 'General' started by AmsterdamAlex, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Anyone ever hanging out smoking marijuana recreationally and decide to drop what your doing and drive to the nearest Olive Garden? Mine is in Danbury Connecticut, and I damn near drove all the way before realizing it was closed.
  2. that\'s cool
  3. And then I pop into Babies R Us...
  4. Damn Alex, did Bill Cosby magically pop out of a pokeball and scream \"QUACK QUACK QUACK\" too? If not, your next story should be about that. Notice how I said story.
  5. haha no but i love to go to red robin :D
  6. is that dj screw
  7. i love my rap chopped up and screwed. wreckshop 2000 d-gotti iz u kidding me

    im eating so much kraft mac and cheese
  8. i refuse to ever set foot in olive garden simply because the commericals make me wanna put a gun in my mouth. every single one of em is so incredibly corny and badly acted its gotten to the point where ill change the channel for 30 seconds just to save my sanity.
  9. It\'s a good location though, Cold Stone is right next to it.
  10. ahahahahahaha
  11. Zyph where is your O.G. located?
  12. Across from Toys R Us, down the street from Barnes and Noble and near a large mall.
  13. damn you been smokin tonight?
  14. Did I guess right?
  15. i asked you in what city and state the olive garden you had your experience was in. are you trying to be a cute jokster or something? sorry zach braff if you cant give a real answer
  16. I use to live in Danbury and visit that Olive Garden all the time. Now I live elsewhere yet still close enough to make that one, my closest. :D
  17. ive never been there im south of danbury east of the mississippi

    i go to themovies all the time off I 84 exit 8 tho.
  18. You\'ve never been to Danbury yet you go to the Olive Garden, in Danbury, stoned?

  19. ive been to danbury just not the olive garden there. i go to the movies in danbury
  20. Nice, thats a damn good Olive Garden though. There alfredo is ass n tities.
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