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Oldschool vs Newschool Growers

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by mjmama25, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Who grows better and larger quantities of bud? Old school or new school growers? I have two trains of thought on this. The oldschool growers obviously have way more experience, and probably more money to buy growing equipment. On the other hand, newschool growers are more likely to use modern technology and techniques. They are also more likely to get on forums like this and learn about growing. So...who has the edge, oldschool or newschool?
  2. That's what I think too. I read for months before I started growing and it didn't save me from making a ton of mistakes that only experience can prevent. Even now with several grows under my belt, I learn more every year. I can't wait to see what I grow in 10-20 years.
  3. the problem with new school growers is the abundance of technology. they see so many answers to issues and are constantly trying new things. this causes them to mess things up. but they also can identify and solve some issues faster than oldschool growers.
  4. Oldschool.

    They have tons of experience, and they have access to the new equipment and such.
  5. It's kind of funny though, when I talk to old hippies that have been growing since the 60's and they don't know basic things. I flowered some freshly rooted clones and they had know idea you could do that. I think the 30-40 year old growers might be the best. They use the internet more than the older folks, and have some experience.
  6. Old school. The only real way to learn is by doing, and experience.
  7. Hell yeh old school is the best the old school techniques are always the best it's better to rely on natural techniques than just modern technolegy
  8. Both of the old school growers I know have been growing for 20 years plus and they still grow fucking mids...

  9. Oldschool all the way. Newschool growers make it all scientific and shit.
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    That's the thing, it SHOULD BE! the world in which you live in is literally governed by science and if you don't think these growers are seeing results from their evil science growing, well, then you're a stubborn old geezer.
  11. all i am saying as far as oldschool vs newschool, is the newschool growers are constantly looking for issues with their plants when there arent any there. they spend all their time looking at possible issues with plants online, and then trick themselves into thinking their plant is fucked. oldschool growers know how to identify most common issues. but in the end, the best growers are in the middle ground. middle aged growers who still use oldschool methods but mix them with newschool ideas.
  12. New school. We grow the fuckin dank that's 30 times more potent.
  13. It's kind of hard for me to answer that. I think newschool growers have a higher yield, but higher yield sometimes means sacrificing some quality (qualities such as flavour, which imo is one, if not the, most important quality of bud. I would rather be smoking weak bud with amazing flavour, than strong bud that tastes like shit). Yield- newschool. Quality- Oldschool.
  14. it's gotta be oldschool. newschoolers think that they are growing some sort of magical plant sent from the heavens that requires 5 different kinds of fertalizers, and a bunch of crazy tricks.... they see one purple stem, and either think that means it's gunna make the buds purple and as dank as they come, or that it is a deficiency that requires 3 different types of trace elements.
    ....this is coming from a newschool grower, that grows oldschool.
  15. It's pretty unlikely that someone with less that 5 grows will outgrow a seasoned grower. That said, people with a few grows under their belt have the potential to grow as well as anyone. I do know a lot of old school growers that still grow mids, but they're idiots, lol. I can't hold that against the intelligent older growers. On the other hand, I've seen some really smart new growers mess up big time out of lack of experience. I know that as a newer (not new...I've got a few grows under my belt) that I can grow extremely potent buds as good as anything in the clubs, BUT I'm still working on getting the yields I would like.
  16. a quote from Dr. Frits Went, a noted horticulturist."Once the amateur has realized that he himself is master of the situation in his garden, and that he is not the slave of a set of recipes, a great deal is gained. Gardening comes out of the realm of mystic beliefs and becomes an adventure in adaptation. Each plant grown becomes an experiment, instead of a routine performance. The plant becomes the test whether the applied principle was right. If the plant does not grow well or dies, the application of the principles was not right, or the conditions were such that the principle did not work. If, on the other hand, the plant behaves well, it shows the applicability of the principle. By looking at plants this way, a garden becomes immensely interesting, it becomes the testing ground for ideas, and it frees the mind from dogmatism."

  17. Yep even one droopy leaf there like FUCK IT'S FUCKING DEAD NOW, they need to remember it's a plant there not resurecting a extinkt species or something
  18. HAHAHAHA, harsh but true. Instead of bitching about lower leaves drooping I just pick the fuckers off because they're going to die eventually. Might as well put more energy towards the top canopy and not some fan leaf that is blocked by 4 bud sites.

    But seriously I think people see all these questions in the "sick plants" section and consider them new school growers. I am sure there are a lot of newschool growers who grow for quality rather than quantity.

    And I always thought oldschool was more quantity an less quality.
  19. yeah, i know a guy who does indoors, he has 4 small plants (he floweres em when they're about a foot tall). and no joke he has over 10 different types of fertalizer, and he mixes some crazy concoction...... he even bought a chemical to help him flush. can someone say gimic? lol

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