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    12' x 9' room 8' ceiling
    2 x 400 hps 1 x 400 mh in between 3' x 6' foot print
    RDWC 27 gal res (I run 16-20 gal)
    3 part GH, Silicone, Epsom salt
  2. a little history.
    I started many years ago with soil....got tired of the critters and moving all that soil, so I switched to Hydro and never looked back.

    I got on one of these sites and started to read.....I never had to ask a question because someone always does it for you.

    I learned on bagseed, with great results....but was afraid to get beans thru the mail. I got a hold of a good clone, and went from there.

    My better half does not indulge, so 1 grow will last me a few years. This makes me have to start over the long process of getting a mother again
    I got a few beans from a friend that were supposed to be feminized, and he could not remember the strain....I was able to get 2 to germ, and got a few clones from them. I don't like to keep mothers other than in the begining for the starter grow. I always take clones @ day 21 in flower in case I decide to do another grow, but usually have enough to last awhile. I do not sell, nor want to, so I always have plenty

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  3. I usually LST, but because I only have 2, I am going to SCROG. after Vegging 2 weeks, I took a few more clones DSC08542.JPG
  4. I found this Plastic netting, and I am going to try it. It might be too Rough. I just cut out the squares I did not want and put on with screws

    I did a defol when I got the clones, and it should bounce back pretty fast


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    When I first started growing, I used a 400 MH to veg, but now I use t4's. Because I had the MH laying around idle, I decided to add it in between the 2 HPS with great results.

    My foot print is 3 x 6, but the screen is only 2 x 6.
    In the past I have had as many as 10, in this space and as few as 4 with the same results. I decided to try 3 this time, but only have the 2.

    I got real brave this Saturday night, and ordered Beans from Gorilla Seed Bank. So this will be a first time going down this road. I hope all goes well with the shipping
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  6. My res is a 27 gal Heavy Duty Tote, that has been covered in 1 1/2 foam insulation with 2 large airstones


    I have a chiller that I set at 65

  7. I am running @ 1000 ppm PH 5.8
  8. My system started out as a Waterfarm, and I added a regular drip spike, and a raised platform that drains back to the res. The pots only have 3 or so inches of nutes in them at any time, and I have had great success with this system
  9. Excuse the hps lighting
    Today makes 2 weeks in veg under big lights Plant #1

    Plant #2 is fuller

    Some Tools of the trade

    I added a Ruler so to speak, measuring up from the screen. I use 400 watt lights, so 21" is the max that I can raise the lights, if I want to get the best from them. This is one of the area's most people fail, by not using lights to the full potential

    Today the first 2 clones taken rooted, 1 of each #1, #2. 14 days exactly. 5 days ago, I took 2 more of each. Because these are supposed to be fem, and unknown strain, I am keeping them labled in case one happens to be male. I hope all goes well with my seed order. I only ordered fem seeds to save some cull time
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  10. Subbed up buddy look forward to seeing your progress. Glad you nutted up and ordered maybe if you get a male you should try a breeding project so you don't have to order anymore.

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  11. Agreed, looks great! I've gotten beans from the vault a few times now. Never a problem.
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  12. Thanks, I went thru Gorilla Seeds, shipped on the 3rd. This is what I am getting
    1 × Feminised Seeds - Feminised Seeds Indoor Mix (5 seeds)
    (Big Bang 2, Widow, Critical, Super Iced Grapefruit, Double Berry)
    1 × Feminised Seeds - Easy Kush Feminized (3 Seeds)
    1 × Feminised Seeds - The Widow (5 seeds)
    1 × Barneys Farm Seeds - Free Barney's Farm Critical Kush - 1
    1 × Barneys Farm Seeds - Free Barney's Farm Blue Cheese - 1
    1 × Barneys Farm Seeds - Free Barney's Farm Liberty Haze - 1
    1 × FREE Compensation Seed (1 seed)
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  13. The 2 clones that I took at first are the tops when I topped. They are weened now, and I will hang on to them in case this is a good run
    #1 with it's sister
    #2 with it's sister...@ 15 days the plant have really taken off
    I still have 2 more clones of each that I took 5 days ago, and I will still keep everything marked in case I don't have true fems. Either way I have some beans coming that are fems
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  14. Today is 1 day shy of 3 weeks under the big lights. Saturday night was the first 12 hr night. I am 1 shy in my system, and the 2 phenos are total opposites. #1 is short and close, and #2 is taller with more space between nodes. I am hoping to fill screen more with the stretch

    Other than that, my beans are in the Windy City getting strip searched as I type
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  15. They made it safe and sound. I can't wait to try them out
    DSC08581.JPG I wish the indoor mix was labled. I will have to guess which is which.
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  16. I took the 2 clones and put them in some hempy buckets till I decide what to do with them #1 and #2


    The screen has filled out good in such a short time

    Yesterday I put 2 "The Widow" beans in a shot glass, and today they were cracked. I put them in some root riots, and they should work out timing wise after this grow.
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  17. Today is 1 week 12/12. The beans popped up today, and the screen is fuller. I have pics, but I keep getting an error after it looks like it has uploaded. I will try later and see if it will upload
  18. Had to change a setting to get pics to upload
    Starting ti fill out nice
    2 new Widows
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  19. Today is 9 days 12/12. pushed ppm up to 1200. No sex showing yet. #1
    Screen filling out nice
    2 Widows getting used to the lights
    Humidity is 73, Temp 76
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  20. [​IMG][​IMG]check it out both my candy lands are female 2 different phenos tall and fat leaf really excited man

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