Older Wimmins rule

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by brody15, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. Older wimmins rule because they don't give a fuck, they see something they like, they don't fuck around. I'm at a coffee shop doing some work, chatting up this milf. She gets up to leave and hands me her business card. My flirting is light because I'm kinda schlubbing it, and she's all business suited out. I wasn't really expecting anything. Maybe she thinks we can do some business in the future, I dont know. If so, I really can't do a goddamn thing for her except make her feel 18 again.

    Not saying this happens all the time, and I'm not saying that I will most likely screw it up, or just never contact her, but it really is awesome that the older ladies don't have time for the bullshit.

    And now there's this younger chick with short blonde hair sitting in front of me, I can't even deal with this place. This coffee shop is a jackpot. Milfs and college girls.

    I'm gonna go home, put on some rubber gloves, and just relax.......
  2. rubber gloves???

    wtf lol
  3. Wait...what?
  4. Older women are awesome in that they are different from girls because they don't want to care about you, they just wanna fuck you and god damn it do they know how to.
  5. We shall see. I dated one other girl who was milfish. And she was forward too, actually kinda scared me a bit.

    And what's wrong with going home, putting on some rubber gloves, a fresh smock, a patent leather doctors outfit? Right?
  6. Someone's got to diagnose the patients...

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