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  1. hey i was rambling around and found some old seeds that i had never grew.So i was wondering has anyone grew these strains before they are some g-force from the flying dutchman,blue cheese i think from big buddha ,super skunk from sensi seeds and some purple lady and giga bud from g-13 labs. Im like most growers on here i see strains and I just cant stop buying them to try out.I must had hidden them from myself somewhere
  2. I have grown Sensi's Super Skunk, It does exactly what it says. It is a nice stable Skunk that has a very pungent smell, smokes very well with a deep indica stone. It was hardy as a bitch as well, came back from a sustained attack from spider mites and an extended period of 110 degree weather.
  3. thanks DeafGeoff for the heads up man. Like i said I'm like most growers on here we buy a lot of seeds and have not even gotten to them yet .Were like women in a department store of clothes we buy shit and have not even tried them on yet .Until the next hot thing catches our eye ha ha !!

  4. Too true man. I have quite a few that i have not got round to yet but that is the great thing about being part of a collective, if i don't think i am going to get to them i can always find a happy home for them with one of my grow buddies.
  5. That is very true, I have enough beans for the next 10 years yet I always look for more different types regardless.
  6. 3 quart bags full of packs of seeds in my fridge..

    if I keep this up, I'm gonna need to buy a small fridge just for my seeds.....
  7. Where do u get all the seeds?????? Lol
  8. Sensi seeds super skunk is bomb man!!!!!! It reeeeeeeks it's soooooooooooooo sticky and crystally ... One of my favorites if not number one fav hands down
  9. Hey thanks for the info man

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