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  1. How long does a seed last? What i mean is if you have a seed for a long time like 5 years, can it still grow, or is it dead? Just curious.

  2. yea if you keep it under the right conditions they can last longer then that you will have a decreased germination rate though(i believe)
  3. This year I found that some 5 year old seeds were no longer viable. But I did not store them well, maybe.
  4. My current grow is from some seeds I had laying out in to open for over 2 years. And who knows how long that swag was sitting around before I got to it.

    Yes I know I should clean off the top of my dresser but I just don't feel like it.

    Now the fun part is seeing what type of bud pops up for the seeds, a complete mystery.:devious:
  5. I keep my seeds in a 35mm film container with a little rice in it. Down in the basement where it is cool.

    My memory isn't what it use to be but I think I have germed seeds that were upwards of 6-7 yrs old before.

    and yes I had only a 60 something % germ rate.
  6. Stored in a dark film cannister and kept in the freezer is your best bet. Not an expert on this bit, but I bet you could easily get 5 years if stored properly. The rice is a good idea to absorb moisture.
  7. Definarely refrigerate or freeze for long term storage. I've heard of people recently germinating seeds from the 80s but thats pretty rare.

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