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  1. I have these old seeds that I found while cleaning out the shed. Would any of these be any good? I don't grow so I have very little experience with any of this stuff. Only asking because it's currently winter and idk if they're worth holding on to until the next growing season. What do you guys think? 1500723873638396561608.jpg
  2. I think it's worth a shot if that's all you have access to.
    If you have the means though and you want to grow this upcoming year, try to order some seeds from a reputable breeder/ seller,
    You can pic genetics that suit your needs and your climate,
    But I always save seeds . Even if I'm just tossing them in a sunny spot in the spring when I go for a hike,
    Come back in the fall and be pleasantly surprised

    Booms summer scrog series:)

    Boom4200 winter spring SUMMER grow journal
  3. Im sure seedbanks put out plenty of older seeds of course for lower prices but go ahead and pop em

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