Old photography.

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by TheHempress, Nov 23, 2003.

  1. I'll add to this as soon as I find all of the pictures I did. For now here is one that I found.

    I took this picture when I was a sophomore in high school for my photography class. It was done with black and white film, devloped by me, and done over with black dots with a special pen. I then put the picture in a bleach mixture to clear out the original photo (I forget what the technique is called).

    This is the top of my stairs, with my cat Putt-Putt. She died about two and a half years later. She was always my favorite cat, and I miss her so.

  2. im diggin it!!!!

    got anymore of the such?
  3. Not anymore that looked like that...I only had to do one for the class. But I have sepia toned and blue toned stuff, if I can find it. And I also have a picture of a dandelion that I did with a shoebox camera we had to make.

    I just need to find it all. I was amazed I found this one at all.
  4. aw...that is very cool to me :) did you dig doing the project? if you did you should do more :)
  5. Very cool Hempress! I like checking out all the cool pictures you come up with, keep em' coming! :D
  6. Nice picture hempress, keep it up :)

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