Old growth yellowing

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  1. Just had a quick question.
    I have two plants that are in the first week of flowering. I switched to 12/12 exactly 5 days ago. Before switching, I noticed that leaves on the lower branches were yellowing and dropping off starting with fan leaves. I lollipopped them a few days before I switched because they didnt receive much light anyway and figured that could be the issue. The top canopy still seems healthy I just want to make sure it won’t progress.

    Is it normal for them to yellow if they receive little light? Should I look out for something else?
    Before switch I used General Organics BioThrive Grow (1/4th dose) about once a week. Since switching they’ve been given 1 watering with BioThrive Bloom (again 1/4 dose).
    Soil is FFSF.
    Light is WILLS 600w full spec LED with both Veg and Bloom switches on. Unrelated question, should I only use the Bloom switch on the light?

    CC9BE8DB-070B-4F89-88FD-E7911F52442B.jpeg D8CB4194-DD6C-47E7-BBA7-7FFCF167510F.jpeg 8F9D66E4-C574-4764-9D25-8AE4ADC92E51.jpeg A893FCDE-9C9F-4512-A3F7-083F14296DAB.jpeg 1F7055E4-C7FE-4C46-AC9E-191526D00EBD.jpeg
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  2. Mine get yellow at the bottom as they get older. Probably normal.

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